Management software: 6 "labors" to carry out in your dealerships and rental agencies

August 03, 2018
Society is developing quickly and information systems must be adapted to your businesses which are becoming more and more complex.

To stay competitive, your information systems must include key elements.

These elements must allow analyzing in-depth business data and need to be connected to reliable mobile apps. Internet and dematerialization have to be considered as integral parts of your management software and the client must be placed at the center of your information system, as all these elements are entirely secured and work in compliance with the law.

A change to implement in 6 steps…

1. Act ahead of major events: use the KPIs to analyze your performance with key indicators dedicated to your business!

KPI concessionnaireToday, managing your business with efficiency goes through a predictive analysis of your results. Your working environment is so complex that to ensure a proper development to your company, you need to follow easily the key indicators of your business, watch them progress and be aware if they exceed predetermined warning levels.

Your ERP must integrate KPIs or key performance indicators, in order to measure the efficiency of your actions, to analyze easily your results and to set up corrective actions before it’s too late.

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2. Stay ahead with mobile apps: use mobile solutions dedicated to your business!

Application mobile sur smartphone et tabletteIt has become essential today for your teams to be equipped with reliable mobile tools connected to your ERP, in order to be more reactive and to be up to your customers’ requirements. Thus, you share information in real time with people in the field with no need to enter them again after that! You will save a precious administrative time.

Today, applications dedicated to distributors and rental companies exist and have already proven to be effective…

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3. CRM: client knowledge up to the heart of your management software!

CRM connaissance clientClient knowledge is a central concern to retain your client portfolio and to keep your market shares. Thanks to an integrated CRM, your ERP must give you a 360° view of your client

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4. With paperless suppliers invoices, ensure new productivity gains to your business!

Dématérialisation des documentsSupplier invoices’ dematerialization is a new asset to increase distributors and rental companies ‘productivity. Stop sending invoices to your supplier via fax or e-mail and put an end to the administrative waste of time that follows. From now on, the invoice is directly digitalized in your ERP, so that the information is automatically integrated to your business ‘accountancy.

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5. Increase your sales and improve your online after sales service!

Ventes en lignes - EcommerceThe digital revolution is also reaching equipment distributors and rental companies. But the question is: how to implement a reliable digital strategy in your dealership or in your rental agency? Discover the 2 internet "works" to carry out before anything else

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6. Secure all your processes thanks to the use of workflows:

Sécurisation des processus avec les workflows Have you ever heard of workflows but don’t know how to easily set them up in your dealership or your rental agency? Setting validation workflows up will bring you additional safety while allowing you to optimize the follow-up of your tasks and of your documents. Discover how these workflows can be easily integrated to your ERP…Découvrez comment ces Workflows peuvent s'intégrer simplement à votre ERP...

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03 août 2018

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