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Agricultural machinery software

Increase your efficiency with the no.1 ERP software for agricultural dealers

 Since 1982, IRIUM SOFTWARE has built an unrivalled expertise in the field of agricultural machinery. Discover the first management software designed especially for distributors, importers and repairers of agricultural machinery.

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Agricultural machinery software

The reference ERP for agricultural machinery dealers

IRIUM SOFTWARE is a recognised software programme with proven expertise in the field of management software for agricultural machinery dealers. Workshop and warehouse management, integrated accounting, management of on-site interventions and commercial activity... everything you need, combined in a comprehensive software programme.

Our ERP software programs for agricultural dealers incorporate specific setups and features (management of seasonality issues, agricultural groups, manufacturer warranties, alerts on current and future manufacturers' promotions, self-service management, etc.), meeting all the expectations of an agricultural dealership.

For many years, we have maintained closed relationships with the largest manufacturers in the agricultural sector (AGCO, CLAAS, CNH, JOHN DEERE, KUBOTA, SAME-DEUTZ FAHR ...), in order to connect to their computer systems and save you time. We've also set up user clubs with the most innovative agricultural dealers in terms of computerisation of their business.

Join the agricultural dealers equipped with the IRIUM SOFTWARE programme!

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These companies optimise the management of their agricultural dealership

Poirier Chevreuil
Ouest agri
wolff weyland
groupe david

What I like about IRIUM is that the software is evolving with your company. The developers are very attentive to our feedback and make improvements that make our daily use easier.

Poirier Chevreuil

Guillaume CHEVREUIL, Chief officer - ETS Poirier-Chevreuil (agricultural spare parts dealer)

The interface of the product enables a quick and effective adaptation of the users.
Ouest agri

Valérie BOUANCHEAU, Human Resources Manager - Ouest-Agri (John Deere dealer)

IRIUM SOFTWARE gives us very important pieces of information in order to negotiate with our suppliers and maintain our margins.

Controller - Zonna/Timmerman (New Holland dealer)

We also have at our disposal several interfaces with our main agricultural machinery manufacturers : they enable us to prevent data entry duplication, and increase our productivity.
wolff weyland

René DIEDERICH, CEO - Wolff-Weyland (New Holland, Kuhn, Amazone, etc. dealer)

IRIUM SOFTWARE is a business software really adapted to our activity. Server crashes are a thing of the past.
Carl posterz

Christoph SCHMITZ, CEO - Carl Postertz (John Deere dealer)

We chose the IRIUM software, because the SDF manufacturer recommended it. In comparison to other business software, this one was simple to use and most of all it had interfaces with SDF and KRAMP, which would enable us to save a lot of time. Today, we are completely satisfied.
deutz fahr

Mme Bonnet, Accounting secretary - SAER Group (SDF dealer)

A software integrated with the biggest agricultural manufacturers brands

john deere
new holland
deutz fahr
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Why choose our expert management software for agricultural distribution and import companies?

Software for dealerships

Software designed for agricultural machinery dealers

Are you looking for a software dedicated to your business of agricultural machinery distribution ? IRIUM SOFTWARE has built an unrivalled expertise in this field. Our software will help you to manage your equipment, sales, purchases, suppliers, customers, workshop, accounting, ... everything will be integrated with your manufacturers systems.

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Software for importers

A software made for import companies of agricultural machinery

Do you need to track and follow up the financial and logistical flows of each import? Do you have to deal with a network of dealers, agents and the headquarters of your manufacturers? Are your employees multilingual? Does your organisation consist of several sites, several companies, several depots? Do you work in several currencies? Our tools will enable you to access information quickly, share data between departments in real time and carry out daily tasks easily, such as managing customer orders in multiple currencies, tracking deliveries via direct shipping or through your stock, the ability to allocate your data by dealer sector... In addition, IRIUM offers you the ability to deal with both your dealer/agent network and your manufacturers' head office, with solutions for ordering parts, warranty calls and commissioning reports for your dealers. Our manufacturer interfaces will also allow you to transfer orders and warranty calls to headquarters.

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Un logiciel dédié aux importateurs de matériels agricoles

Vous avez besoin de suivre et tracer les flux financiers et logistiques qui accompagnent chaque importation ? Vous devez à la fois vous adresser à un réseau de concessionnaires, d’agents et à la maison mère de vos constructeurs ? Vos collaborateurs sont multilingues ? Votre organisation est composée de plusieurs sites, plusieurs sociétés, plusieurs dépôts ?  Vous travaillez dans plusieurs devises ? Nos outils vous permettront  un accès rapide à l’information, un partage des données entre services en temps réel et une exécution simple des tâches quotidiennes, comme : la gestion des commandes clients en multi-devises, le suivi des livraisons en direct shipping ou en passant par votre stock, la capacité d’allouer vos données par secteur de vos concessionnaires… De plus, IRIUM vous propose de traiter avec vos deux familles d’interlocuteurs (réseau de concessionnaire/d’agents et maison mère de vos constructeurs), par des solutions de commandes de pièces, d’appels en garantie et de rapport de mise en service pour vos concessionnaires. Nos Interfaces Constructeurs vous permettront aussi de transférer les commandes et appels en garantie au siège.

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Manutention et levage

Un CRM dédié aux distributeurs et loueurs de matériels de manutention et levage

Notre CRM dispose de toutes les fonctionnalités métiers indispensables aux vendeurs de matériels de manutention et levage. Il offrira aux commerciaux, directeurs des ventes et responsable marketing de votre concession TP, un outil d'aide à la vente puissant.

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Bus Car

Un CRM dédié aux distributeurs et loueurs de bus et car

Notre CRM dispose de toutes les fonctionnalités métiers indispensables aux vendeurs de bus et cars. Il offrira aux commerciaux, directeurs des ventes et responsable marketing de votre concession de bus et car, un outil d'aide à la vente puissant.

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Motoculture de plaisance

Un CRM dédié aux distributeurs de matériels de motoculture de plaisance

Notre CRM dispose de toutes les fonctionnalités métiers indispensables aux vendeurs de matériels de motoculture de plaisance. Il offrira aux commerciaux, directeurs des ventes et responsable marketing de votre concession, un outil d'aide à la vente puissant.

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Deux roues

Un CRM dédié aux distributeurs de vélos et moto

Notre CRM dispose de toutes les fonctionnalités métiers indispensables aux vendeurs de vélos et motos. Il offrira aux commerciaux, directeurs des ventes et responsable marketing de votre concession moto ou vélo un outil d'aide à la vente puissant.

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Complimentary solutions for agricultural dealers to choose from to enhance your success!

IRIUM SOFTWARE offers a full range of business solutions for agricultural machinery dealers.



Improve customer experience thanks to CRM by tracking your salespeople in the field more efficiently. Manage your marketing operations, from the development to the sale of equipment, parts, or services. Keep your salespeople in touch with the company by sharing the company's customer knowledge base and offering even more personalized customer care.

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Documents digitalization

Digitalization of documents

Digitalize your accounting processes and make the exchange of invoices with your customers, suppliers, and administrations easier thanks to an ecosystem of software partners connected to IRIUM.

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Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Become part of the digital transformation of your business and equip your mobile users with IT tools adapted to their activity by choosing the iMob suite, especially designed for the distribution, repair and rental of equipment.

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Web and e-commerce solution

Web and e-commerce solution

Offer digital platforms to your customers to keep in touch with them and help them to manage their maintenance appointments, spare parts orders, equipment rental booking and the after-sales service related to your business more effectively, while also promoting your sales.

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Manufacturer interfaces

Manufacturer interfaces

Connect your software to your manufacturers' systems to better meet their requirements without re-entering the same operations several times and by receiving, in real time, the important information that will allow you to make better sales or be more efficient in terms of service for your customers.

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Workshop schedule

Workshop schedule

Visualize, at a glance, the occupancy of your different workshops, effortlessly transfer work from one technician to another, from one branch or agency to another, track the evolution of your customer on-site maintenance operations, manage your customers' appointments. Schedule has become an essential tool for the efficient and modern workshop manager.

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