Increase your sales and improve your online after sales service!

webToday, it seems commonly assumed that we are entering a digital era. But what can you do to build a valuable digital strategy for your dealership or your rental agency?

2 changes must be carried out before anything else to increase your visibility on the web:

1. Developing your sales online:
Nowadays, you cannot work without internet to sell your parts and equipment. So, as you probably understood, you need to create a web shop. But your web shop must be integrated to your ERP, in order to be efficient, to avoid useless re-entries, to identify your customers ‘preferential rates and to link them directly to your accountancy and invoicing modules.

2. Offering an online service to your clients:
Offering an innovative service to your clients is essential for your business. For example, by enabling them to access their online customer account, their invoices, their current work orders, their balances, their equipment fleet, their rental contracts and so on. In this way, as a satisfied client is a loyal client, you offer them a new service and you enable them to anticipate their next interviews to make their life easier in the end!
Of course, this service needs, once again, to be integrated to your ERP.

To summarize: increasing your visibility on internet must be done before anything else in 2018. It starts with a website properly referenced on your search engine which will increase your visibility on internet. But it also goes through the creation of a web shop, connected to your ERP and the creation of an intranet dedicated to your customers as well.