Management software: your client info up to the heart of your CRM!

crmClient knowledge is a major concern to win the loyalty of your client portfolio and to keep market shares. Thanks to an integrated CRM, your ERP must give you a 360° view of your client.

The CRM requires every users ‘membership in order to work properly as its power lies in all the users who feed it. But to keep their motivation at the best, their interest will have to be stimulated. To do so, your CRM must be dedicated to your field of activity and must also be totally integrated to your ERP. The whole of your services will be connected to the CRM and the users will be able to find the right information at the right time, making them more efficient.

Once the system has been installed, you are able to improve your client or prospect database and you can offer to your sales rep a powerful sales assistant, especially when combined with mobile apps. Your sales manager is able to have a better control over his teams ‘activities. In addition to that, you equip your marketing manager with a valuable tool which will help him to target more efficiently his clients and to create relevant communication campaigns. In the end, you are where you need to be!

This virtuous circle immediately improves your client satisfaction, major actor of your CRM and your ERP.

To summarize, nowadays, a CRM is definitely a useful tool, but it has to be adapted to your business as well as to be entirely integrated to your ERP in order to win the loyalty of all the different departments that constitute your business and that are implied in the process. It is the only way to obtain a 360° view!