Develop your sales and visibility on the Internet with iWeb !

Internet has become a commercial channel that cannot be overlooked. iWeb is an office suite for e-commerce dedicated to equipment and vehicles distribution and rental companies.

iWeb is integrated to our software, so you can easily make your internet sales administration automatic without being compelled to enter the data in your ERP software (customer management, order taking, payment, stock management…).

  • Additional customer service
  • Virtual increase of your opening hours
  • Decrease in the number of telephone calls requesting information
  • Less waiting time for customers at the shop
  • Opening of a new communication channel with the customer
  • More professional branding
  • Customers have access to technical information 24 hours a day
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Areas of expertise

Agricultural machinery
agricultural machinery
Heavy goods vehicles
heavy goods vehicles
Construction equipment
construction equipment
Handling / lifting equipment
handling and lifting equipment
Coach / bus
Coach / bus

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These companies optimise their online sales thanks to iWeb

Poirier Chevreuil
Manutention service
Mazeau SA
Groupe Sefamar

In an aim to meet your needs, IRIUM Software has designed different modules allowing you to manage various aspects of online sales.



iWeb Drive

Offer a new service to your customers and allow them to order parts from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, benefiting from all their special prices and being able to consult your availability and pay online. Then, all they have to do is pick up the merchandise at your shop. A service that exploded with the pandemic.


iWeb Client

Allow your customers to access their account through your website. This will give them easy access to their information (repair history, orders, address, invoicing, etc.).


iWeb Shop

A real e-commerce site, iWeb Shop allows you to sell online to passing trade.


iWeb Parts

For online sales to your account customers, integrating the settings created in your ERP (terms of payment, discounts, etc.).


iWeb Warranty

Allowing your customers to register equipment guarantees over the Internet.

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Complimentary solutions to choose from to enhance your success!


Second-hand website interfaces

Second-hand website interfaces

Multiply the distribution channels of your second-hand equipment/vehicles by effortlessly updating websites specialising in the sale of equipment/vehicles. Existing photos, technical information and sales prices are easily exported to these sites for ever faster sales.

Digirtalization of documents

Digitalization of documents

Digitalize your accounting processes and make the exchange of invoices with your customers, suppliers, and administrations easier thanks to an ecosystem of software partners connected to IRIUM.

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Workshop schedule

Workshop schedule

Visualize, at a glance, the occupancy of your different workshops, effortlessly transfer work from one technician to another, from one branch or agency to another, track the evolution of your customer on-site maintenance operations, manage your customers' appointments. Schedule has become an essential tool for the efficient and modern workshop manager.

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BI and reporting

Business intelligence and reporting

Track the activity of your company or your department thanks to business intelligence and reporting tools adapted to your business by IRIUM. Be alerted by key business indicators provided by IRIUM and customizable by you or your teams. Create your customised database and your analysis tools with an expert BI team.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Become part of the digital transformation of your business and equip your mobile users with IT tools adapted to their activity by choosing the iMob suite, especially designed for the distribution, repair and rental of vehicles and equipment.

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Improve customer experience thanks to CRM by tracking your salespeople in the field more efficiently. Manage your marketing operations, from the development to the sale of equipment, parts, or services. Keep your salespeople in touch with the company by sharing the company's customer knowledge base and offering even more personalized customer care.

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Increase your sales on the internet thanks to iWeb.

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