Stay ahead with mobile apps dedicated to your business!


It has become essential today for your teams to be equipped with reliable mobile tools connected to your ERP, in order to be more reactive and to be up to your customers’ requirements. Thus, you share information in real time with people in the field and no need to enter them again after that! You will save a precious administrative time.

Your IT service provider must be able to assist you during the implementation of these solutions. Today, applications dedicated to your business exist and have already proven to be effective:

1. A mobile app for technicians:
A mobile app dedicated to itinerant technicians must be user-friendly to be easily mastered by the youngest after sales service teams as well as by the oldest ones. It will enable you to manage your interventions with more efficiency by maximizing your technicians' rounds. It will make their work easier while improving your company’s after sales service as well.

technicien-mobile2. A mobile app for rental agencies:
A rental agency will be equipped with tablets to carry out the rented equipment check in and check out. It will enable dematerializing your checklists but also removing re-entries and the waste of time they represent. Furthermore, this tool will improve your teams' productivity and will limit disputes with the customers as well, in order to increase customer satisfaction.

agence-loc3. A mobile CRM
A CRM must be used on smartphones and tablets by the commercial team to feed it with information directly from the field. This CRM must also be dedicated to your business and be interfaced with your ERP, in order to offer to the commercial a panoramic view of the client. So, for example, a mobile CRM must enable the commercials to view the stock for sale, to find easily the closest clients who meet particular conditions (a client who own a certain type of machinery for example), to have easy-to-understand statistics about the equipment’s upkeep cost for the equipment in maintenance at the client’s location, to check his solvency…

All the mobile solutions to implement in your company must utterly work offline and autonomously as internet coverage for mobile phones (3G, 4G) does not cover yet many building sites or the less inhabited places, and is slow to do so.

To summarize, choosing reliable mobile solutions connected to your ERP keep you ahead of all your competitors.