Secure all your processes thanks to the use of workflows!

August 03, 2018

workflowsControlling your tasks step by step thanks to validation workflows will give you further safety.

But what exactly is a workflow? A workflow is used to describe a series of tasks to divide between different actors of a process, between a period, the different controls or the validation modes.

Implementing workflows in your ERP will make your validation processes more efficient. You’ll be able, for example, to implement a validation circuit management for the credit notes, the supplier orders, the payment of all purchase… The information is driven to the users in order to make them know a step is waiting for control. It will allow improving and guaranteeing the respect of all procedure and to control the project status with more efficiency.

To summarize: implementing validation workflows in your ERP will enable you to maximize your tasks and documents’ follow-up, to be more efficient and to add more safety to your processes.

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