Assist companies in providing farmers with innovative and flexible business tools.

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Who is the ISAGRI Group?

Created in 1983 by Jean-Marie SAVALLE, the ISAGRI Group has 39 years of experience in the agricultural industry. Son of a farmer, the founding president of the group, Mr SAVALLE, aims to help farmers manage their business more efficiently thanks to innovative IT solutions.

Over the years, the ISAGRI Group has been able to forge partnerships with many brands, software publishers, companies and start-ups operating in the IT world. The group is split into two different divisions. The IT division, which generates a turnover around 187 million euros per year, and the media division, which represents a turnover of 48 million euros per year. IRIUM SOFTWARE is part of the IT division, in which several other subsidiaries offer additional services.

Today, the ISAGRI Group supports multiple companies in order to help them develop on a daily basis, to provide farmers with IT solutions that improve their profitability and productivity!

Innovation is one of the ISAGRI Group's main concerns


Research & Development

More than 485 employees at the ISAGRI Group work in research and development in order to provide IT solutions offering technical and economic performance to farmers.


Complementary subsidiaries

The subsidiaries of the ISAGRI Group are very diverse. The food industry, accounting firms, enterprises, farmers, distributors, logistics... the group's subsidiaries cover a vast range of sectors.



The ISAGRI Group invests around 34 million euros per year in order to innovate in IT and remain ahead of its time.


A clear ambition

The common objective of all the ISAGRI Group's subsidiaries is to make new technologies and information a factor of sustainable progress.

Subsidiaries of the ISAGRI Group

IT department

Driven by technological innovation and the essential need to provide innovative solutions, the ISAGRI Group is made up of an IT division that includes various subsidiaries, IRIUM SOFTWARE being one of them.


Agiris and EIC offer solutions for accounting firms and companies.


HEXANET specialises in hosting and data security.


Batappli offers software designed for companies in the construction industry.


AKANEA comes up with tomorrow's solutions for the agrofood sector, customs, transport and logistics.


Kerhis has been serving the agricultural and agrofood sectors for over 35 years thanks to its innovative software.


Promize and BS Digital are the ISAGRI group's two innovation and artificial intelligence start-ups.

Media department

Since 2011, among its subsidiaries, the ISAGRI Group has also included various companies specialising in the agricultural press.


The France Agricole Group is an essential reference for agricultural and agrofood information.


Vitisphère is a wine portal with all the latest news from the wine sector.


CIP Médias has become an important reference in the world of agricultural machinery, green spaces and gardens machinery.


Created in 1997, Terre-Net is a true precursor of the agricultural Internet.


Hyltel is the direct marketing specialist in the agricultural world.