iEnterprise (irium i80)

iE (irium i80) :A business management software programme for equipment and vehicle distributors, renters and importers

iEnterprise (iE - formerly i80) is a management software for national and international companies designed to maximise their daily productivity. iE is especially adapted to distributors and importers, who also frequently provide a rental service.

With its numerous functionalities, our software is suitable for complex organisations needing a precise and detailed analysis of their activities : multi-company, multi-site, multilingual. iE is supported by a relational database, enabling centralisation of the data shared between the different departments and companies. All departments share their common data in real time, without any redundancy or duplication of input. With iE and its reporting tools, you have an overall display of your organisation which enables you to react and improve your management process, to anticipate and adapt yourself to a market constantly changing.

  • A reliable, powerful and compatible with Windows technology
  • Partnerships with the largest equipment manufacturers
  • International features with support and deployment resources for different countries  
  • A TSE based architecture deployment on all the Windows terminals, fixed or mobile
  • A relational database (SQL) and an open request tool
iE software

Sectors of expertise

Agricultural machinery
Construction equipment
Handling equipment
Heavy goods vehicles

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These companies optimise their management processes thanks to iEnterprise (irium i80)

groupe david
coopérative agri lorraine
ciron alencon

iE, a management software with configurable modules

iEnterprise has configurable modules that cover all of your functional needs for the optimal management of your business.

Equipment / vehicles


This module is the key point of the information system. It allows you to store and view all the information related to the equipment/vehicle: pictures, documents, financial information (purchase price, sale price, assets ...), technical information, history of movements, repairs, replaced parts, contracts, etc. Each of the ERP actions can be linked to the equipment/vehicle and be viewed via its profile.


Equipment and vehicle sales

Improve your business follow-up. Track your purchases, deliveries, preparation of equipment/vehicles linked to your workshop. Organise the exchange of second-hand equipment/vehicle for reconditioning and resale. Track the profitability of a detailed business deal or a consolidated business group with financial statements. The software will allow you to significantly improve your margins.

BI & Reporting

Business intelligence and reporting

Track the activity of your company or your department thanks to business intelligence and reporting tools adapted to your business by IRIUM. Be alerted by key business indicators provided by IRIUM and customizable by you or your teams.



Program customised and proactive alerts, so you can deal with anomalies as they arise. View your KPIs and constantly follow the evolution of your business.

Electronic document management

Electronic document management

Switch from paper to digital for faster access to your documents. Connect your internal documents to your daily management tool. Reduce physical storage space and improve your responsiveness to customer and supplier requests.

Spare parts shop

Spare parts shop

Optimise your spare parts stock by reducing your assets, improve turnover, availability and customer satisfaction. Track the profitability of your shop, your self-service or workshop sales. Offer an online sales service to your customers and maintain your market share.

After sales service

After sales service

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your workshop, maximise the allocation of your resources. Monitor site interventions and make your field technicians more efficient by giving them more autonomy and reducing your breakdown resolution times.

Accounting / Finance


Save time thanks to the integrated accounting system, which is generated automatically thanks to the transactions sent by the other IRIUM modules. Easily follow up the profitability of your services, your sites/agencies, your activities and your companies. Improve your account management by providing your users with modern monitoring tools and communicate more easily with your banks.

Long-term rental

Long-term rental

Track your long-term rental contracts and your customers' equipment/vehicle fleets. Quickly draw up a contract based on availability, anticipate equipment/vehicle returns, optimise your rental fleet, link your contracts to mobile delivery tools for increased administrative efficiency.

Short-term rental

Short-term rental

Manage your rental contracts easily and quickly, thanks to interactive rental schedule and optimised processes that allow you to invoice as effectively and quickly as possible. Open up your reservations online.



Choose the e-procurement for your purchases, equipping yourself with a powerful software using the best anticipation methods, and allowing you to control your purchase prices more effectively and to put your stocks to work at any time.

Spare parts

Articles, spare parts

The core of the after sales service information system, spare parts must be tracked with the most modern functions in terms of their availability, turnover, sales and purchases turnover, promotions, loyalty monitoring, ABC classification, not to mention the management of replacements, equivalences and standard exchanges which are the basis of your profitability.

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Why choose iEnterprise (irium i80) ?

The software with the most interfaces on the market

In an aim to increase your productivity, we are developing tools for exchanging information between the ERP iE and manufacturers' computer systems, called "Manufacturer Interfaces", which allow you to save precious time and avoid many errors.

We are also developing interfaces with sites that sell second-hand equipment, distribution networks, manufacturers of parts storage systems (Kardex Remstar), in order to simplify the management of your daily activity.

We have over 220 interfaces with around forty brands. Furthermore, we work daily in collaboration with the biggest manufacturers and, today, our international organisation allows us to strongly consolidate these relationships.

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Manufacturer interfaces

Customers testimonies

We studied the different specialised HGV DMS in Europe with the Scania group headquarters and we decided to go for the iE solution. This DMS is particularly adapted to the different activities linked to our business and helps us to provide a reliable tool for our network in different areas (warehouse, workshop, rental, new / second-hand trucks sales).


Mats GUNNARSON, CEO of Scania France

All information is available at the push of a button. The new DMS system is running like a dream and is intuitive to use, which means our employees are comfortable with it too. The program simplifies and shortens the work processes within our business.

Erik PEIFFER, CEO - Peiffer GmbH&Co KG

In our dealerships, our employees speak either English or French; therefore, we chose this bilingual software. In my opinion, one of the important points with iEnterprise, is that it has very useful modules, such as the workshop schedule. We also have at our disposal several interfaces with our main manufacturers, they enable us to prevent data entry duplication, and increase our productivity
wolff weyland

René DIEDERICH, CEO - Wolff-Weyland

We chose the iEnterprise software because it was the best solution in terms of its cost-to-services ratio and also because the system integrates the specific characteristics of our business perfectly, which is of enormous benefit to us on a day-to-day basis. IRIUM offers us all the advantages of a solution that is 100% tailored to our needs, in particular the commercial activity which enables us to improve our productivity in the market towards our customers.


Riccardo VIRGA, Administrative officer - MBA

We have now worked with IRIUM group for more than ten years. iEnterprise is a powerful tool: it let us see the information clearly on screen, and access the data quickly.

Jean-Charles GOUCHET, IT Manager - PAYEN

With the iEnterprise periodic maintenance module, we can create and follow the maintenance of the handling equipment we have in our customers' fleet.

Laurent MOUGEL, Customer service manager - CFM Île-de-France

Complimentary solutions to choose from to enhance your success!




Improve customer experience thanks to CRM by tracking your salespeople in the field more efficiently. Manage your marketing operations, from the development to the sale of equipment, parts, or services. Keep your salespeople in touch with the company by sharing the company's customer knowledge base and offering even more personalized customer care.

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Digitalization of documents

Documents digitalization

Digitalize your accounting processes and make the exchange of invoices with your customers, suppliers, and administrations easier thanks to an ecosystem of software partners connected to IRIUM.

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Integrated into your ERP, it allows you to define validation circuits, structured into tasks to be distributed between the different participants in a process, deadlines and validation modes. This module also provides each participant with the information they need to carry out their tasks, in a synthetic way, by specifying their role and how to best meet expectations. Thanks to this module, optimise the follow-up of your tasks, documents and validations.

Workshop schedule

Workshop schedule

Visualize, at a glance, the occupancy of your different workshops, effortlessly transfer work from one technician to another, from one branch or agency to another, track the evolution of your customer on-site maintenance operations, manage your customers' appointments. Schedule has become an essential tool for the efficient and modern workshop manager.

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Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance

Define the maintenance models to be carried out. Define the method for calculating maintenance forecasts and let the automaton inform you and your customers about maintenance operations to be carried out. Linked to the workshop schedule, it's a perfect tool for optimizing your after sales service.


Support ticket

How to professionally track your customers' complaints and requests? From your ERP, you can manage all types of customer complaints (technical, relational, financial problems, etc.), which you then assign to managers for resolution. A ticket too lengthy to resolve? Managers are automatically informed through an escalation feature. A ticket can be linked to equipment in the fleet, a seller's visit, a rental contract, an WO, a shop estimate, etc. and visible in the mobile tool for your sales representatives.

iMob Sign

e-Signature - iMob Sign

Save time and avoid complaints by having customers sign their sales documents electronically (parts, repair orders, rental contracts, quotes, etc.).

Connected equipment / vehicles

Connected equipment/vehicles

Insert information about the location of your equipment and vehicles in the fleet. Retrieve the meters in real time to better anticipate their after sales service or invoice your rental contracts more quickly. Set off after sales service alerts using your software's after sales follow-up modules.


Loans, leases, financing

Without the right financing, your rental asset can quickly become a burden. With the advanced functionalities of your software, track your asset funding, update the conditions, monitor the past and future financial costs and let it create the accounting entries automatically.


Fixed assets

Track the profitability of your fixed assets and especially the one that you're renting out thanks to these functionalities which allow you to automatically generate the entries for the purchase, sale, end of the period and always give you a clear overview of profitability via the equipment/vehicles financial statements.

iMob Check & CI/CO

iMob Check - CI/CO

On a tablet, manage the departure and return checklist of equipment and vehicles that you have rented on site. Choose the digital for check-ins and check-outs, avoid unnecessary re-entries and customer complaints by using what technology has to offer today.

Accessory assembly and disassembly

Accessory assembly and disassembly

Easily track the assembly / disassembly of accessories on your equipment. Which accessory has been fitted? When? What are the assembly costs? What is the warranty for the accessory? What's the profitability for equipment + accessories? So many questions that this business module will answer.

iWeb Drive

iWeb Drive

Offer a new service to your customers and allow them to order parts from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, benefiting from all their special prices and being able to consult your availability and pay online. Then, all they have to do is pick up the merchandise at your shop. A service that exploded with the pandemic.

Management of import files

Management of import files

With the complexity of international trade, the number of customs intermediaries, monitoring the profitability of parts and equipment or vehicles is a real headache, exasperated by delays in invoicing the various interlocutors. The import files will simplify your management and monitoring and will have an extensive impact on the cost prices of your parts and equipment or vehicles, for a long time afterwards, and will allow you to anticipate them.

Warranties for importer

Warranties for importers

Track warranty requests from your network of repairers, their reimbursements, claims made to manufacturers and their payments. Control the guaranteed profitability of equipment/vehicle models or even brands. Connect a website to reallocate entry to the repairer and facilitate checks.

Equipment maintenance and campaigns

Equipment control/reviews/campaigns

Save time and improve customer satisfaction by integrating the list of campaigns, recalls, technical notes sent by your manufacturer into your software. The software programme reminds you of the current campaigns when the WO is opened and allows you to automatically inform the manufacturer of progress.

Workshop time clock

Workshop time clock

Avoid the duplicate entry of the hours worked by your teams of technicians and recover the actual number of hours spent on operations thanks to the workshop time clock integrated into workshop management.

Workshop flat rates

Workshop flat rates

Save time in the workshop by using a catalogue of service flat rates. Use these flat rates for quotes, WO with or without detail. Monitor their profitability at any time thanks to detailed monitoring reports.

iMob Service

Field technician - iMob Service / Interventions

Connect your mobile technicians to your company and offer them a recognized tool, giving them the autonomy and efficiency to better satisfy your customers.

Cas register management

Cash register management

Control your shop payments (cash, cheques, credit card), workshop or rental payments more effectively by using the cash register integrated into your software, and save time in data entry, because the cash register generates automatic entries in accounting and automatically letters paid invoices.

Second-hand website

Second-hand website interfaces

Multiply the distribution channels of your second-hand equipment/vehicles by effortlessly updating websites specialising in the sale of equipment/vehicles. Existing pictures, technical information and sales prices are easily exported to these sites for ever faster sales.

iEnterprise, an easy-to-use and intuitive software to improve your management processes, anticipate and adapt your business to a constantly evolving market.

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