Use the KPIs dedicated to your business to analyze your performance !

August 03, 2018

kpiToday, managing your business with efficiency goes through a predictive analysis of your results. Your working environment is so complex that to ensure your company a proper development, you need to follow easily the key indicators of your business, watch them progress and be aware if they exceed predetermined warning levels.

Your ERP must integrate KPIs or key performance indicators, in order to measure the efficiency of your actions, to analyze easily your results and to set corrective actions up before it’s too late. These KPI must address your distributor and renter related issues and must also be entirely developed in accordance with your business.

These job-related KPIs will enable you to analyze your performance and to be alerted if an indicator reaches an unusual level (too high or too weak).

Thanks to these KPIs you will be able to calculate simply the amount of rented days by type of equipment, according to your customers’ average payment time (DSO or days sales outstanding), the average refund time for warranties by manufacturer or even according to the amount of productive working hours, the average period to pay the supplier, the rate of availability in the workshop by branch, by day, by type of part…

Your ERP must allow you to personalize these KPIs and to watch them progress on following tables. You’ll be able to concentrate your organization efforts and draw your attention on the most important points.

To summarize, with the good KPI integrated in your ERP, you’ll be able to act ahead of important events in order to ensure your company a proper development.

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