How IRIUM-KRAMP interfaces are optimized to make dealers' work easier

Which dealer had never been frustrated by daily losing administrative time for reentering data? The objective of Kramp interfaces is to offer an alternative to create new uses of your IRIUM’s software and not only to implement lists of functionalities. We explain how to simplify daily life, from the order process on interfaces to predictive tools. New uses for more performance.



Interfacing the supplier order and the delivery

When a dealer enters an order on Kramp website, he also must reenter it in his IRIUM software. He doubles the time on this task. That’s where the interface “Order import” becomes interesting. How does it work? The dealer can get his KRAMP order on a file and import it in the order created in his IRIUM’s software. So, the distributor doesn’t have to enter again the same information. References, prices, quantities… all these data are automatically updated in his IRIUM order after the importation.


A use that improves your KRAMP orders from the beginning to the end

What’s interesting, when not considering the absence of reentering order, is also what comes after. When the Delivery Note is entered, the IRIUM’s software is going to indicate which spare parts are waited to the dealer. Automatically, the software recognize which order is linked to the delivery note and then prepare it in the software. That’s the interface “Delivery note”.  All you must do after is to check by sight that received spare parts are matching those who where ordered then received and if there are in good condition. The dealer has doesn’t have to reenter data anymore, he only must enter his stock. Be careful if some part weren’t delivered, you must actualize the new delivery delays in the system. Thanks to the generation of a remainder, the dealer has a proof that parts were ordered and that he will receive them during the next delivery… In a dealership, the dealer can precisely indicate to his customer the moment he will be able to give them a missing part. 


And what about automating supplier invoice?

The IRIUM Software – KRAMP interface enable to receive invoice in a file format which automatically enter in the IRIUM software and tick off delivery note. To go further, the IRIUM software inform his user about irregularities. An invoice with not the same prices as in the order? Charged items that have never been ordered or delivered? You will be notified without reentering the invoice in the system for any irregularity! Prices and the stock value are automatically updated, and it’s the same thing for the order invoice in the accounting. It means one less accounting entry to manually enter!


Provision of electronic catalogs to dealer with “PUNCH OUT”

The meaning of “Punch-Out” is the connection between the online order environment on KRAMP and the solution of IRIUM Software. In that way, dealers connected on KRAMP website can put their order demands in their IRIUM software. The “PUNCH OUT” interface is made for dematerialization of commercial transaction between dealers and the supplier, KRAMP, specifically during the first phase of this process: the item selection. More concretely, how does it work for the dealer?

In a work order, you need spare parts and the dealer doesn’t always know all references. The dealer connects on the “web shop” of KRAMP to find and add them in the basket. That’s the use of “PUNCH OUT”. The interface automatically integrates reference in the work order or in the order. This interface, we can also call “automatic restocking”, is an essential save in time for the dealer which avoid reentering data from the basket to the IRIUM software.


A predictive tool to optimize the stock management thanks to new statistics patterns

Data analysis can be very useful in helping dealers decide what inventory they really need on a timely basis.  To eliminate incorrect orders and always maintain adequate stock, the "KARS" interface provides a predictive buying action to the IRIUM system.

The dealer equipped with IRIUM receives daily the list of spare parts that he has to order to have the necessary and sufficient quantity of KRAMP parts in stock. The data of his stock is shared with KRAMP who knows all the consumption (product purchased, type of clientele...). Thus, via a Business Intelligence process, KRAMP knows statically speaking the state of its dealer's stock and can predict its future necessary orders. Significant advantage for the dealer: KRAMP proposes a stock takeover on unsold parts. 


So, if you are a KRAMP dealer, what are the advantages?

Information in real time, always

By querying an article, the dealer can consult all the information on availability, prices, but also technical information, photos, etc... He is informed in real time of the information on KRAMP references in his IRIUM system.

Productivity: time is running out

With IRIUM Software interfaces, a KRAMP dealer benefits from a set of tools that allow him not to reenter a multitude of data and to save time and productivity.  These interfaces prevent him from reference errors.

Updates, automatisms, predictivity: you will have understood it, it is an inevitable time saving.

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