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For more than 30 years IRIUM has been designing ERP softwares for equipment distributors, repair & rental companies in very specific sectors: agricultural & garden machinery, construction & extraction machinery, handling & lifting machines, heavy goods & commercial vehicles, parts & industrial equipments trade.

Thanks to its expertise, IRIUM has developed partnerships with the most important equipment brands, but also with the key players of your sector. Nowadays, IRIUM offers a large range of interfaces that enable connections between IRIUM software and your partners' systems. Beacause IRIUM has been establishing long-term relationships with the biggest equipment brands, its expertise in these sectors is clearly unequalled. We work everyday in a close collaboration with the most important manufacturers and that’s why our international organisation enables us to strengthen those professional relationships.

We are developing information exchange tools between IRIUM ERP solutions and manufacturers’ IT systems (called “Manufacturer Interfaces”) with the aim of increasing our productiveness and saving time while avoiding lots of mistakes. We also develop some interfaces with second-hand equipment commercial websites, spare-parts stocking system manufacturers… in order to simplify your daily business management.

A full range of Interfaces…

IRIUM offers to its clients more than 150 interfaces for approximately 40 brands . Our ERP can be connected to those manufacturer brands:

We even have interfaces for:

Our list of interfaces is constantly evolving in order to meet your expectations, and also manufacturers’ needs. Our team is listenning to you for any suggestions concerning the development of a new interface.

… to gain more productiveness

Our manufacturer interfaces meet all your requirements concerning your Shop management (spare parts orders, spare parts receipt, spare parts invoices, exploded parts drawings, prices updating, spare parts replacement, manufacturer restockings, spare parts discounts…), your Workshop administration (warranty application, warranty repayment…), Equipment management (equipment order, second-hand equipment exportation, CRM interface, equipment prices…) and Stock management (sending, surplus…).

  • Time saving & productiveness gain for each step of the buying process

Thanks to the IRIUM interfaces, our users don’t need to uselessly enter new information at each step. The information they enter is automatically reported between the systems of the dealer and of the manufacturer. The purchase network is completely interfaced, as a result you gain time at each step of the process, for instance during the order checking. For every order, the contents are automatically checked, and in case of a mistake (a spare part is missing, the contents are not in accordance with what you were expecting…), the inspector is immediately informed. Therefore, you are not compelled to check every spare part one by one and you just have to control the parts for which an anomaly has been detected.

  • Information updating in real time

The information entered by the user is automatically reported between the systems of the dealer and of the manufacturer. It means that, if the information is modified by the manufacturer, it will be automatically corrected in the dealer’s system (and vice versa).

Our interfaces are endlessly adapted to the specific features of the brands, according to our clients’ requirements and the market evolution.

Special relationships thanks to our User Clubs

In order to deepen its customer satisfaction, IRIUM organises some Clubs with its most dynamic networks. During those clubs, new interfaces are frequently developed. 

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