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iMOB™ - Mobile apps

Advantages that really make the difference

• Increased productivity of your itinerant teams • Improved customer satisfaction • Our independent business modules guarantee you a scalability of your management • Multiplateform usage (fixed/mobile) • IRIUM® ERP interface for secure data transfers • Opportunity to outsource the application server

iMOB™ suite: Mobility solutions

Our mobile technologies comply with the daily requirements of your teams that are working on the field. iMOB™ is a software package suite dedicated to field workers; it is made up of intuitive and simple applications whose ergonomics are touch-sensitive and whose usage is multi-platforms.

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Mobile tools for mobile staff

With iMob™, you’re assisted by IRIUM to adapt the mobile technologies according to your business activity, with no pressure concerning the choice of terminals.


  • iMob™ Service is dedicated to the intervention management of your technicians working on the field. You can equip them with mobile terminals that enable them to be aware of their missions, to complete the repair orders without being required to use paper documents and without going through the agency. By means of the assisted planning, you can quickly find the nearest free and competent technician (geolocation) and send him on the intervention place. You can also minimise the litigation with your clients thanks to the digital signature of the clients and the technicians at the end of the intervention and through photographs. With the help of our software, the invoicing is much quicker because the intervention account is sent as soon as the technician is leaving from the intervention place; thus the intervention invoicing is edited even if the technician is not in the agency.
  • iMob™ Contact: The mobile CRM dedicated to your sales teams. With iMob Contact your sales teams will have access at any time to all the client/prospect information, they will have a built-in GPS, they will able to geolocate their clients and prospects on a map, they will enter the activities and opportunities and update the information in IRIUM SOFTWARE.
  • iMob™ Check: Digitalize the checking process of departures and returns of rented equipment. iMob Check is the brand new IRIUM mobile application, which enables rental companies to create their checking lists of rented equipment on a tablet, in online or offline mode. The user can fill out a form (completely adaptable to the company's equipment and/or habits) and at the same time see the information about the contract, and the characteristics of the rented equipments. Concerning the return checking lists, it is possible to create them using the initial output checking list. All the information (forms, photos of the equipment with a date and a place, client's signature...) is automaticaly sent to the IRIUM ERP (no re-entries are necessary) and stored with the other documents of the contract. Thanks to this application, the rental company can quickly and efficiently create the checking lists of its rented equipment. It will be more productive, have less disputes, improve its client relation and will have a modern and reactive image.

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