Track the right data thanks to KPI and data visualization

Data visualizationA company processes a lot of data on a daily basis – customer information, suppliers, equipment, etc. All these data are valuable and makes it possible to highlight the points to monitor or improve in society, the equipment to change or those being the most profitable. However, it can sometimes be complicated to find the relevant data in the amount of information available. Key indicators and data visualization make it possible to highlight the key information in the company and thus gain in productivity on a daily basis.


KPIs to process relevant data


KPIs are complex business indicators to process the right data in order to report information essential to strategic decision-making. The advantage of automation is to avoid human error by using automatic data feedback. IRIUM SOFTWARE offers a KPI module for iEnterprise, composed of more than 130 business indicators (TCO, turnover rate, absorption rate) precalculated and customizable in order to be the most adapted to your company. Even today, 40% of organizations do not have automated solutions for their data reporting. So why choose a solution that allows data visualization?

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Understand and transmit information with data visualizationDataviz

Data visualization is a method for graphically highlighting statistical data and also comparing it with other data. Data visualization goes even further than infographics and allows you to have a complete view of the data represented. This method thus makes it easier to understand the data. In order to be truly complete, data visualization must cross data from various sources. It is for this reason that the solution chosen for data reporting must be able to extract data but also to cross and update them so that the data is valid.

Thus, data visualization makes it possible to share, on all devices (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) and to all decision-makers the relevant information in the form of a graph. The information is simple to understand and there is you no longer need to have IT or graphic skills. All that remains is to analyse your data and cross-reference different information in order to bring out a conclusion quickly. The data can be shared on an intranet and modified at any time according to your needs.

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