The latest innovation in the iEnterprise version 3.200!

iEnterpriseNew ergonomics and new features? Version 3.200 of iEnterprise is available! Gain in efficiency with a powerful IT tool that helps you in the daily management of your business.


A version with new features

Homescreen iEnterpriseWeighted average prices valuation by branches, EDM (Electronic Document Management), pull system management, new rental scheduler ... version 3.200 of iEnterprise has many improvements. Among the main innovation on the 3.200, the improvement of the WO management thanks to alerts. The management of pull system is also improved so as not to clutter the workshop up with a waiting area or to deliver parts ordered before the work is carried out. These new features will offer more flexibility and efficiency to distributors/dealers of equipment and vehicles.

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More efficiency with new iEnterprise modules

Version 3.200 of iEnterprise has 5 main new modules to facilitate the management of the activity of distributors/dealers.

Financing management

The financing management module makes it possible to manage financial leases and loans from manufacturers but also the financial leasing of customers from dealers. This module allows you to manage the financing of several materials at once. Dashboards can then be created so that you can easily control and track financing.

Equipment appraisal

Equipment appraisal is an essential part of second-hand buying. The objective of an appraisal is to enhance the value of equipment in the customer fleet in order to take it back when selling new or second-hand equipment. An appraisal goes through several stages from the initiation to estimation. When the seller is in the field, he must wait for the valuation of the equipment from internal services. Thanks to the expertise management in iMob Contact, sellers can now very easily carry out equipment appraisal directly in the field.

Marketing campaigns

The "marketing campaigns" module makes it easy and efficient to manage the commercial actions to be carried out. This module will allow you to define a goal of commercial actions and identify a population of accounts. Thus, you can then assign your sales teams its accounts. It's also possible to assign tasks to your sellers, which you can then convert into a business action. Thus, you simply visualize all the ongoing, late and completed business actions.

After-sales ticket management

Nothing is more important in business than satisfying your customers. However, it is sometimes complicated to manage all customer queries and complaints. The "after-sales ticket” module makes it easy to enter and manage all customer requests/requests. A person within the company is then responsible for the ticket and its evolution. Once the problem is resolved, the ticket is closed.

Transport scheduler

Transport schedulerAn easy monitoring of your equipment / vehicles, it is now possible thanks to the transport scheduler module. This module offers more autonomy to your branches in transport management, while benefiting from precise monitoring in iEnterprise. Thanks to its graphical and interactive schedule, you can easily manage your transport orders.

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