The Chrysalide Project: merger between VEGA SYSTEMS and IRIUM SOFTWARE

January 20, 2022

July 25th, 2019 marks the entry of VEGA SYSTEMS, editor of the software LOCPRO, into the ERP department of ISAGRI Group. At the same time, the merge process between both companies is launched. The project will materialize by the 1st of July 2021, to make a new entity: IRIUM SOFTWARE. This new company has one main objective: to become the reference among the management software for equipment, vehicle, rental and distribution. This merge extends IRIUM SOFTWARE habilities on the rental sector which was the VEGA SYSTEMS chosen field. Thanks to the integration of new compatible products with the existing ones, the skills and offers of IRIUM SOFTWARE have been expanded.

More information about IRIUM SOFTWARE and VEGA SYSTEMS merge here

Project Chrysalide

Project Chrysalide

Let’s get back to one of the biggest projects that made the merge process possible: Project Chrysalide. The idea was simple: both companies overall must work together to co-develop the new entity, born from the assimilation of VEGA SYSTEMS and IRIUM SOFTWARE. Various workshops were created to truly understand the major issues of such changes. These workshops were organised and overseen, mostly online, by external coaches due to the very complicated period of covid-19. All the employees of both companies were split into different groups to help the workshops to take place the best way possible and to foster dialogue and exchange between our collaborators.

Chrysalide workshops

Create a company that fits to its employees’ vision and conviction and facilitate the fusion: that is the goal of these workshops. So, how did they occur? Cooperation and exchanges between the collaborators settled very quickly and everyone could express what they were expecting from and bring to the project. Very important subjects were addressed such as the new identity of the unified company (its visual and graphic DNA), the values defended by both companies, the new organisation of the different services and/or the creation of new services. From these workshops came out the IRIUM SOFTWARE you are discovering today, born from all employees’ long work. Moreover, one new instance and 2 new teams were created:

puce vert The COMAN (Management Committee): Instance created by the management committee which leads the works on essential subjects.

puce vert  Services and customer support authority: Responsible of the respect of customer satisfaction and our engagements.

puce vert Technical consulting department: Located into the marketing department, it oversees pre-sales to match the product offer with the market and to better answer the customers’ needs.

The collaborative construction of our values

Defining the values of the company was another challenge during these workshops. Essential, they were studied and chosen carefully by all the employees during the Chrysalide workshops. These values are IRIUM SOFTWARE’s 4 major pillars in its improvement quest:

puce vert   Customer satisfaction: Defined by our reactivity, the anticipation of your needs and the respect of our engagements: that’s what allows us to ensure a qualitative service.

puce vert  Quality of our relationship: The quality of the relationship we foster is a central focus. We work with transparency and confidence with our customers, collaborators, and partners.

puce vert  Professionnalism: We listen closely to our customers, collaborators, and partners. We train ourselves and gather all the information we need to be even more efficient.

puce vert  The will to progress: We always want to improve our products and services, considering your comments and suggestions.

Who are we?

“Project Chrysalide (Chrysalis) perfectly matches the image we have from the cocoon turning into a butterfly: it represents all the complexity of the transformation process that IRIUM SOFTWARE had known during the merge. Thanks to the external consultants’ help sent by ISAGRI Group, the merge worked very well despite all the complexity of the human relationships we had to manage. Various workshops were organised during the project and made the merge a reality. When the covid arrived, it became very difficult to keep doing the workshops on site due to the extreme measures taken to try to contain the disease. Therefore, we had to cancel them all and reorganise them the best way possible online.

Finally, these workshops allowed IRIUM SOFTWARE to build itself and I think that this merge is a real success. Thanks particularly to the coaches who oversaw us during the whole project and the real involvement of our employees, the company can now move forward and the growth figures we have today can prove it." - Nicolas CROUZEVIALLE, Head of Marketing and Communication at IRIUM SOFTWARE

A new identity

The Chrysalide project created a new company but also a new identity. It combines both old companies’ identities into a new graphic charter created with new colours, designs and graphisms. Essential for the graphic redesign of the company, a new logo have also been created.


All our collaborators voted to choose the logo and here it is! Several elements were taken from both companies’ old logos and now create IRIUM SOFTWARE’s new identity. Indeed, we can see both companies’ initials in the circle of the logo. This circle, moreover, represents a planet which was present in the previous IRIUM SOFTWARE’s logo and is a reference to the star we can see in the first VEGA SYSTEMS’s logo. The shape of the A we can see in “SOFTWARE” comes from VEGA’s old logo, as well as the point above the circle.


Project Chrysalide was the key to success of this fusion, with the close collaboration of our employees.

Today IRIUM SOFTWARE counts 200 collaborators and works with 900 customers, split into 50 different countries, with more than 27 000 users and 1 million vehicles and materials managed for a turnover of 21 million euros. The company today keeps looking for its main goal to become the number 1 actor of management software for equipment and vehicle rent and distribution.