The Ticket Management module to track your customers' complaints

August 31, 2020
The Ticket Management module integrated with iEnterprise and iMob Contact allows you to track your customers' complaints and requests.


From your ERP, you manage all types of customer complaints (technical, relational, financial problems, etc. ) that you assign to someone in charge for resolution. A ticket that takes too long to solve? Two levels of managers are automatically informed by email.

Integrated into the iEnterprise, a ticket can be linked to an equipment, a sales visit, a rental contract, a work order, etc. Also visible in iMob Contact, your sales representatives can access in real-time to the tracking of their Customers' requests.

Actions on the ticket

Thanks to ticket tracking, it is finally possible to measure the effect of customer service improvement actions. Thus, you will be able to measure the number of tickets received during a period, the average time of closure/resolution of a ticket, the number of tickets per cause (workshop defect, late delivery, lack of commercial follow-up, non-compliance of delivery, etc. ), etc. You have direct access to the various processing steps, to the management of people in charge and to the ticket documents.

Main Assets :

  • An effective and better managed follow-up
  • An improvement in Customer Service
  • Simplified control of requests
  • A monitoring of response times

And from iMob Contact?

The ticket appears directly in the customer account. The sales teams have access to all the information and history from the field!

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