The loan module to control the financing of your machines/vehicles

The « loan/leasing management » module, integrated to iEnterprise, allows you to create andcontrol the financing plan for each machine and vehicle. The module also gives you the possibilityto follow the amortisation tables and to design simulations in the event of loan transfert/change.

Improve the productivity of accountant users! From the accounting module, accountantusers will be able to consult the fixed asset sheet and obtain all the details related to itsfinancing, in addition to all the other information on contracts, maintenance and equipment/vehicle profitability.

  1. Process monthly postings and reserve calculations in one operation.
  2. Easily generate leasing reprocessing entries according to the types of goods financed.
  3. Benefit from rental payment interfaces that feed all of your accounting and analytical accounts.
  4. Perform complete restitution reports including: dashboards, summaries, retrospective or forecast analyzes, accounts and companies ...
  5. Restatements for consolidation, accounting allocations, cash flow forecasting and tax declarations ...

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