An iEnterprise module for the management of your Used Equipment Evaluation

August 31, 2020

The evaluation management module is dedicated to an activity at the heart of your business: quickly giving the right price when assessing a second-hand equipment/vehicle.


How does it work?



The salesperson enters an evaluation in iMob Contact by adding the price requested by the customer, photos of the equipment/vehicle to be taken back, comments, etc...

For easy data entry, simply complete a PDF form pre-filled with data from iMob Contact. The person in charge of used equipment then receives the evaluation in iEnterprise. The photos and comments allow him to make an evaluation of the price. He can also retrieve, from the evaluation management module, the previous estimates for similar equipment, to be able to compare prices.

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Rapid and simplified management of equipment evaluations

 Simplified evaluation process for the second hand manager

 Faster communication of the estimated price to your customers

 Increase in customer satisfaction

 Traceability of estimates

 Access to the history of evaluations


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Estimates can be saved in PDF whenever necessary (first evaluation, modified evaluation at the moment of takeover, in-depth evaluation by the workshop, etc.). Don't waste any more time and sign your estimates at the right price on a tablet / smartphone. + Commercial use in the field: Enter your appraisals on the customer base and take photos.


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