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iMob Service V7 : The new version of your app for mobile technicians is available !

Your app for mobile technicians is always evolving in order to be even more adapted to your business requirements. The new version, available since the 01st of February 2021, has several features designed to make your daily life easier. So, what are the last features of iMob Service ?

iMob Service : more efficient technicians in the workshop or on field

iMob Service is an app designed for companies wishing to give to their technicians a performing and easy-to-use tool. The app can be used on smartphone and / or tablet depending on your needs. Moreover, iMob Service V7 will give you a better brand image thanks to the dematerialization of your intervention reports.

The V7 of iMob Service, integrated to your ERP, will allow you to schedule your intervention, geolocate your technicians and develop their daily performance.

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An easier management of your work orders

Enter several mail addresses in your work orders thanks to the new version in order to send the intervention report to several addressees. Thus, your technicians don't have to manually send the same intervention report to several addressees. Everything is done with one click. 

In order to use a more intuitive and easy-to-use solution, internal and external work orders can be differentiated. A new icon, in the general display of your WO, will differentiate those in the workshop from those on field.

All these new features will allow your technicians to be more efficient during their intervention. You will also benefit from a better view on your ongoing tasks.

Equipment confirmation according to each technician

The V7 of iMob Service, give the possibility to your technicians to disable the equipment confirmation. From the back office settings of the app, technicians can disable the equipment confirmation. Thus, when accessing to an equipment sheet, it is now possible to only modify clocks without having to confirm the equipment status when ending the intervention.

Each technician can set his app as he wishes, according to his needs. iMob Service V7 offers you a "handmade" version for the requirement of your staff in order to be even more productive.

New features helping you everyday
  • Sending an intervention report to several addressees at the same time
  • Differentiated internal and external WO
  • Equipment confirmation can be disabled by the technician
  • Stability improvement

iMob Service V7 is a tool to help your technicians on a daily basis and to make it easier for you to manage them. Stand out from your competitors with a modern and efficient application, for an ever more optimal customer service!

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