iMob Contact V5 : The app for mobile sales team is evolving !

August 31, 2020

The new version of your app for mobile CRM is available on stores since the 15th of February 2021. This tool designed for mobile sales team evolved in order to fit and answer even better to your needs. Have a better follow-up of your sales team and develop your results thanks to the new functionalities of the V5 !

iMob Contact : more efficient sales team

iMob Contact, the app for you mobile sales team allow you to benefit from a powerful and performing tool. The management of your customer portfolio is a major point to retain market share. Being able to give the right information to your customer and having a close follow-up of them: that what we offer you with iMob Contact.

The new version of iMob Contact has various functionalities designed to help you in your daily tasks in order to be more productive. The app can be downloaded on the terminal of your choice (smartphone, tablet, ...) to allow you to work on a tool adapted to the needs of your sales team.

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Detailed information about your customers

It is now possible to add the geolocation of your customers / prospects or manager in the map integrated in your iMob Contact app. Once you've added the geolocation on the map, the address is automatically generated in the right fields on the customer / prospect or manager account sheet.

The address of your contacts can also be updated with a post code. Canton and town can be imported from iEnterprise in order to be used in iMob Contact. Thus, the town, canton and department fields are automatically filled in by entering the post code of one of your contacts.

For a more efficient follow-up of your customers, it is now possible to enter several jobs on your contact sheets. Only seller being several job sellers can do this. More detailed information about your customers / prospects will give to your sales team the ability to better understand your customers and thus develop your turnover ! 

More productivity

In this new version, everything is designed to have a more performing app. Grouping, pre-filling, sorting, ... so many new features allowing you to save more time in the follow-up of your customer portfolio.

Opportunities / Proposals

Your opportunities can be sorted according to preset fields (brand, sales step, conclusion forecast, nature, type) and can be grouped accorded to the same fields. A proposal model was also added in order to find all the information related to an opportunity or its proposal on a Word. By one click, your Word-document will be exported and give you the possibility to make a proposal easily.

Equipment in stock or in catalogue

Equipments which have one (or more) preset fields (nature, brand, type, new/second-hand) will be displayed on a sticker in the upper part of your app. You will be able to see really fast your in stock or in catalogue equipment. These fields, when entered to an opportunity, are automatically registered when adding a product in proposals. Moreover, your equipment in fleet can have pictures added from the "Pictures" tab.

More security

The V5 makes possible for you to enter the seller and customer signature directly in the app during an equipment appraisal. Once you've entered the signature, they are registered on appraisals documents in a PDF and XLS format. Your customers' signature, available on your app will give you more security and fewer complaints.

The new features of iMob Contact V5
  • Customers/prospects/manager adresses updated directly in iMob Contact
  • New filters and ergonomics in opportunities/proposals
  • Pictures of in fleet equipment in iMob Contact
  • And new features to discover...

The data in iMob Contact are shared between all the departments in your company thanks to its connection with iEnterprise. iMob Contact V5 will offer you a performing and innovative tool for your mobile sales team in order to be able to give the right information at the right time.

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