Delivery Schedule module - Easily manage the delivery and return of your rental equipment/vehicules

August 31, 2020

The organization of deliveries and returns of rental equipment is a key point to offer a good customer service all time long. Sometimes, it can be difficult to manage all your delivery orders of all your subsidiaries. IRIUM Software offers you a solution which helps you manage most efficiently all your deliveries and returns.

The “Delivery Schedule” module provides an easy follow up of the deliveries of your rental materials / vehicles. Due to its flexibility, this module helps to optimize your delivery orders.

How does it work ?

The module is easy to use, all you have to do is to enter a delivery order which will be automatically integrated in your module. The module offers different status positions for deliveries / returns, and you can change them by one click. 

The satellite view on the map allows you to check, before your delivery round, the access for the delivery to the site. The module has a great flexibility and offers the possibility for users to personalize different fields in order to match their needs. You will also have the possibility to use the notes’ tool to write your remarks about the delivery.

The advantages of this module :
  • Give autonomy to your subsidiaries and keep a precise follow-up in your ERP
  • A smart and easy-to-use tool, to see really quickly every information related to your transport issues
  • A graphic and interactive schedule
  • A performing managing tool that offers you an optimum control of your deliveries

The “Delivery Schedule” module is complementary with other modules from iEnterprise (workshop schedule, renting, sales, etc). It will also allow you to increase your productivity thanks to well-organized delivery rounds. The better management of your delivery / return delays will offer to your customer a better service.

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