IRIUM SOFTWARE launches iEnterprise

August 31, 2020
Boite-iEA year after joining ISAGRI’s group, IRIUM SOFTWARE rebuilds its business software range. iEnterprise is the new international ERP dedicated to public works’ equipment distributors and rental companies.

Developed in La Rochelle and available under relational databases, it offers a very large functional coverage which answer distributors and rental companies’ needs. iEnterprise is i80’s successor, and is enhanced with a lot of new features of which a large number concerns the rental companies, digitalization and mobility.

iEnterprise is designed with business-related price lists adapted to all different sectors: public works, agricultural machinery, trucks and handling. 



“With our software range repositioning, we wish to improve our product’s visibility. Since we joined ISAGRI’s group in February 2017, we are currently taking an important step forward given the meaningful growth of our activities. It is characterized in particular by new valuable contracts which we could have not realized without ISAGRI’s sustainable influence.

Our company is actually hiring in France as well as internationally to handle this growth, following our goal to increase our staff of about 15% for the next months.

 ISAGRI’s backing allows us to invest in the longer term, reassure all our current customers, and improve highly our external and internal growth perspectives.” explains Fréderic BON, IRIUM SOFTWARE’s executive director. 


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