IRIUM digitalises documentation at dealerships and rentals

July 10, 2015
The IRIUM group, which edits software for companies distributing, renting and repairing materials (agricultural, public works, heavy goods, etc.), is launching a new digitalisation module for documents (purchase invoices, supply orders, material documents, supply delivery certificates, etc.), which is completely integrated into its IRIUM software.


Digitalisation is the process whereby you convert paper documents into digital files. This represents a real opportunity for material distributors to become much more efficient!

Once the document has been scanned, it is automatically sorted to its proper place by the digitalisation module of the IRIUM software (for example, a purchase invoice for supplier X will be stored in the files of supplier X). A link to the digitalised file is also placed on the client, supplier or material file within IRIUM. Furthermore, the digitalised information from the purchase invoice will be integrated into the IRIUM accounting automatically. Thanks to IRIUM's workflow, the person in charge will be informed automatically of the new invoice's arrival for approval. Finally, invoices will be searchable from any mobile terminal with internet access.

The benefits of digitalisation are numerous. Of course there is an appreciable financial aspect, but digitalisation must also be seen as a set of tools to ease searches, filing and traceability, security, speed of processing, speeding up approval procedures, improving supplier relationships and reducing the environmental footprint.


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