Discovery day at HEXANET- ISAGRI group’s telecom branch

IRIUM SOFTWARE sales team has been welcomed by Lionel Marchaud and all the HEXANET team, ISAGRI’s branch specialized in telecom and hosting, to discover one of their datacenter as well as their services.   This day is significant as HEXANET services are, from now on, open to IRIUM SOFTWARE customers.


Thus, the latter can now host their software in one of HEXANET proper 10 datacenters all located in France. They are all at the best of technology, assuring a complete availability as well as a chance of growth for the information system. Those datacenters remain among the most secure and performant of France: multi-operator fiber connection and recurrence of absolutely all its elements. Thanks to more than 30 collection points created by HEXANET, response times are guaranteed everywhere on the French territory.

In addition to that, HEXANET telecom services are also offering to IRIUM SOFTWARE customers the chance to have a unique service provider on the national territory (5 offices) for all their telephony, telecom lines (broadband, optic fiber…), hosting (IRIUM, messaging service, file sharing, cloud computing such as Iaas), outsourcing and so on, which has already convinced a large amount of customers everywhere in France and internationally.