In 2019, dealers dematerialization is in the spotlight!

August 31, 2020

IRIUM SOFTWARE, software publisher for Equipment Distribution, Rental and Repair, with over 36 years of expertise will present during BAUMA fair the latest innovations in terms of files dematerialization.


Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Records Management (ERM) with IRIUM SOFTWARE: 

IRIUM SOFTWARE has developed a new module for sending electronic invoices, integrated into its management software.

This allows to send individual or mass electronic invoices, but also to automatically store them in the correct directory of the ERP. This is called EDM (Electronic Document Management).

Thanks to this EDM, the dealer will be able to quickly and easily find all his invoices and will be able to prove their authenticity, an important advantage especially at the time of a tax audit.

An automatic reconciliation using electronic invoice data added to the dematerialization module:

In the new 2400 version of iEnterprise, the dematerialization module is enriched with an automatic reconciliation feature. The dematerialization module allows the integration of digitalized invoices by an optical character recognition (OCR), in the "accounting Day Book" of iEnterprise. Henceforth, the arrival of the supplier invoice in the "accounting Day Book" allows to launch a new automatic reconciliation function with the supplier receptions and to automatically integrate the invoice into a purchase journal.

This automatic reconciliation of supplier invoices permits, also, to trigger an alert to a manager in case of reconciliation impossibility. It can optionally create a workflow request to handle cases defined as unusual.

The digitization of supplier invoices is a very important factor of productivity gain for the accounting departments of dealers and distributors. It allows users to focus on value-added tasks and let the ERP IRIUM SOFTWARE automatically manage supplier invoices.

According to a 2014 EY survey, the average cost of managing a paper supplier's invoice for an enterprise is three times more expensive than the management of a digital supplier invoice.


Dealers, distributors and the construction industry will be able to gain even more administrative productivity this year, thanks to these new automatisms.





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