Groupe ISAGRI announces the acquisition of VEGA Systems

August 31, 2020
Groupe ISAGRI : Now the leader in IT solutions for equipment and vehicle rentals and fleet management after acquiring VEGA Systems and Gyzmo Technology.


Groupe ISAGRI, 1st French software company for agriculture and accountancy, announces the acquisition of VEGA Systems and its subsidiary Gyzmo Technology, a company known for its software and service company dedicated to equipment and vehicle rental and fleet management.

More than 250 medium-sized and large companies are joining the Group’s customer base and will be able to benefit from a set of coherent, comprehensive and complementary IT solutions covering all their management needs.

Hotman HOZMAN, actual managing director for VEGA Systems, will lead the new ISAGRI affiliate, in close partnership with Frédéric BON, Executive Officer for IRIUM SOFTWARE, in order to merge the two compagnies by 2021, and hereby build the leader in dealers, rental, fleet management of equipment and vehicles.


Accompany customers faster in their digital transition

Groupe ISAGRI pursues its strategy of strong growth and market expansion, in order to bring a global solution and to better serve a wider customer base, in particular through continuous investment dedicated to innovation: cloud, mobility, artificial intelligence ...

Groupe ISAGRI is already a well-known leader in agricultural IT thanks to its subsidiary’s IRIUM Software, an established and reliable company for vehicles, equipment distributors and repairers, as well as AKANEA, a strong player in the transport supply chain. With this new acquisition, ISAGRI will be able to complete its product catalog with a complete offer for managing their various activities for key accounts, fleet managers, and short / long term rental compagnies of vehicles and equipment.

Groupe ISAGRI also strengthens its MOBILITY and BI offer: reporting, virtual agency / 24H rental, intervention / technician, inspection, expenses, planning, warehouse, etc.

This new merger will allow Groupe ISAGRI to offer quality support to help its customers in their digital transition, covering all their actual and future needs; IRIUM Software, AKANEA and now VEGA Systems offer their fully dedicated software solutions to better the businesses of their customers.

This alliance is the perfect time to offer software solutions that cover all the actual and future needs in management, fully dedicated to the business of our customer. 


Accelerate the international growth

This merger between IRIUM SOFTWARE and VEGA Systems enables Groupe ISAGRI to pursue its international ambitions, in offering IT solutions for distribution, rental and repair companies of equipment and vehicle on the 5 continents and to better support its customers in their growth. 


Groupe ISAGRI's key figures 

  • Revenue : 215 millions euros
  • 150 000 customers  worldwide  1/3 being in SaaS
  • 2000 employees with 10% overseas 


ABOUT ISAGRI GROUP : A success story made in France with European Extensions

Created in Beauvais in 1983 by management enthusiasts, ISAGRI soon revolutionized the French agricultural market by making IT accessible to as many people as possible. Over time, ISAGRI steadily strengthened its position as market leader in France and internationally. In addition, over the past ten years, ISAGRI put forth its own Accounting Experts software, AGIRIS, quickly becoming one of the three most reliable programs in its field.

More recently, the development of digital portals has led ISAGRI Group to take over several specialized professional press groups.

A pioneer in the sector, ISAGRI remains faithful to its origins by providing the tools and services that enable companies to manage and optimize their business in a sustainable way. 



Created in 1990, VEGA Systems assists rental companies and fleet managers in their development by offering proven, innovative, flexible and value-creating software and services. Its affiliate, Gyzmo Technology, was created in 2016, and performed in less than three years the incredible feat of creating and distributing a complete BI offer, as well as mobility apps; the company is fully ready for IoT.

VEGA Systems has spent over 5 million euros on the development and renewal of its products, enabling it to take the lead and keeping it in its historic markets.


VEGA Systems’s key figures:

  • 55 employees serving over 250 customers
  • 12 000 users managing over a million vehicles and equipment in 6000 agencies
  • 6 million euros turnover

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