"IRIUM SOFTWARE's modern and mobile technology enhances our customer service," reports Werner Seemann.

Log SEEMANNSeeman GmbH & Co has always played an important role as a supplier of mining and construction equipment for major projects in Northern West Germany. The company offers support for its customers in equipment sales and services, rental, and parts. Seemann provides innovative solutions to the public and private sector enabling economic growth with respect for both people and the environment.

After 9 months running IRIUM DMS (Dealer Management Solution) and its full suite of capabilities, Mr. Seemann can now see all the possible benefits for his company, employees, and customers .

IRIUM DMS integrates all departments on one platform providing real-time data on all aspects of the business including sales, rental, parts, service, finance, purchasing and many more.

While improving and optimizing its business processes and enhancing its customers’ experience, the company Seemann is proud to empower a mobile workforce with advanced mobile applications to lower its outstanding receivables, and to improve inventory turnover .


Mr. Werner Seemann, CEO of SEEMANN GmbH & Co was happy to answer our questions about the use of iEnterprise in his company. 



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  1. Which business areas does IRIUM SOFTWARE cover for you?
  2. What advantages have you experienced with the mobility modules?
  3. Can you share with us your current experience with iMob Service?
  4. Tell us more about the benefits of the workshop scheduler, the back-office module for iMobService!
  5. What are your expectations regarding the mobility modules iMobContact and iMobStock?

Can you briefly describe which business areas and requirements are covered by the IRIUM SOFTWARE business solution?


It is important for us to integrate all operational areas in one single solution. IRIUM SOFTWARE is a complete system that covers the central areas such as machine sales, rental, workshop, spare parts sales, accounting as well as the field work. As far as the technical prerequisite is concerned, we very much appreciate the update and release capability of the system. The overall package has convinced us.symbole-des-guillemets-droits     

Right from the start, you chose the mobility modules iMob Service, iMob Check, iMob Stock and iMob Contact. What advantages did you expect?


These mobile modules are fully integrated into the IRIUM ERP, enabling seamless data processing without the need for connection with external systems or manual re-entry of documents.

Customer and/or machine information is entered only once and is accessible to all users, thus reducing processes and costs. Evaluations are more up-to-date and meaningful; lead times are reduced.symbole-des-guillemets-droits

symbole-des-guillemets-droitsThe mobile modules are fully integrated in the IRIUM ERP.                      They reduce processes and costs.”symbole-des-guillemets-droits

Can you share with us your current experience regarding iMob Service?


The service app iMobService is intuitive to use, it is also possible to work offline. Content can be dictated. The "one-stop solution" reduces interface problems. Data can be transmitted quickly and automatically. The connection to the workshop schedule enables an optimal, customer-oriented, and flexible deployment of employees in the workshop and in the field.

In the customer's perception, the use of "modern technology" enhances our customer service.

Duplicates of manually created documents and their subsequent entry for further processing is avoided, which results in fewer errors, more efficient work and faster processing time. Approximately 30 customer service staff in the office and in the field no longer submit paper receipts.symbole-des-guillemets-droits

Tell us more about the benefits of workshop scheduler, the back-office module for iMobService!


We are organized into several branches. For each location, we have technicians in the office and in the field, each supervised by a workshop manager who manages the organization on IRIUM SOFTWARE's workshop scheduler. The respective workshop management assigns the work to the technicians by creating and assigning the repair orders directly in the planning.

IRIUM's workshop planning module helps us maximize the occupancy of workshop resources, easily visualize workshop activity levels, be more customer-focused and perform better.

This gives us many benefits, including better organization, time savings, better monitoring of repairs and the work of teams, productivity gains, improved communication between the after-sales service and customers, and better responsiveness of the after-sales service.symbole-des-guillemets-droits

Soon iMobContact (sales) and IMobStock (warehouse management) will be used in your company. What are your expectations?


As a future-oriented and modern company, we are striving for more efficient, paperless work in warehousing, goods receipt and in the support of workshop staff as well as at the counter. At the same time, we would like to optimize customer service and the information density of our field sales staff.

Up to now, our field staff and our warehouse staff have entered and processed the merchandise management processes at the terminal, created paper receipts and notes as well as the subsequent entry in the warehouse. This also applies to other processes, e.g. in goods receipt, in the supervision of workshop personnel, for quotations and reports as well as the procurement of information via various channels, ...

In our company, 10 employees will use these IRIUM SOFTWARE modern and mobile apps. The main objectives are to visualize the stocks to be sold and to update customer contacts and parks in the field. It is possible to work in offline mode, to use geolocation, to streamline processes, to improve lead times and to optimize stock management. With iMobContact, our sales manager will be able to better follow the activities of the salesmen and the ongoing business in the CRM module more efficiently.symbole-des-guillemets-droits

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