Great Place to WorkSince 1992, GREAT PLACE TO WORK has been surveying employees around the world to determine which companies are good places to work. Each year, the organization conducts annual "Best Workplaces" surveys enabling employees to judge whether their company is a good place to work or not. IRIUM SOFTWARE receives the GREAT PLACE TO WORK certification.



What does "GREAT PLACE TO WORK" mean?

  • Internally

Employee point of view

Employees have confidence in their management. They are proud of their work and appreciate the people they work with.

Manager point of view

It is a company where people achieve their goals, where everyone gives their best and works as a team or family, all in a climate of trust.

  • Externally

Applicant point of view

Are you looking for a job and want to join the IRIUM SOFTWARE adventure? The GREAT PLACE TO WORK certification gives you the certainty of a good quality of life at work, in a friendly environment.

Supplier, partner or customer point of view

Everyone who works with IRIUM SOFTWARE, whether as a supplier or customer, is assured of a company in which employees feel good. Staff turnover is low and our employees develop their skills over the years to bring expertise and efficiency to our clients.

How to become a GREAT PLACE TO WORK company?

Companies wishing to participate in the GREAT PLACE TO WORK survey, suggest employees to anonymously answer a survey over a defined period of time. The survey focuses on 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness (the relationship of trust between employees and managers), pride and friendliness. These five dimensions make it possible to determine the level of trust that each employee has in his company through management, colleagues and the work itself.

Once all the responses have been collected, GREAT PLACE TO WORK analyses the answers and calculates the employees' overall perception of the company as well as other more detailed indicators. This year, for the first time, IRIUM SOFTWARE has obtained GREAT PLACE TO WORK certification independently of the ISAGRI Group, which has also been certified Best Workplace France.

The results at IRIUM SOFTWARE

The efforts made internally have been rewarded this year with the GREAT PLACE TO WORK certification. Find out how our employees rate the working environment at IRIUM SOFTWARE:

  • 79% Management trusts us to do our jobs well without constantly checking up on us.
  • 92% Employees are treated fairly regardless of gender.
  • 85% New employees are friendly and warm welcomed.
  • 91% Employees are treated fairly regardless of disability.
  • 78% There is a friendly atmosphere in this company.
  • 78% I constantly strive to achieve innovative results.