IRIUM SOFTWARE and VEGA SYSTEMS form a united company, with the ambition of becoming the European reference on the market of management software for the distribution and rental of equipment and vehicles.

This merger allows the two companies to pool their strengths and skills to offer even more effective business solutions. Efficiency, innovation and a wider range of services are the basis for an optimized customer experience for a wider target group: distributors, rental companies, repairers and fleet managers of equipment and vehicles in many areas of activity.

History and objectives of the merger

On the 25th of July 2019, VEGA SYSTEMS, the editor of the LOCPRO software integrated the ERP division of the ISAGRI Group, thus joining the ERP editors AKANEA (transport, logistics, agri-food & customs), KERHIS (upstream agricultural sectors) and IRIUM SOFTWARE (distributors & repairers of agricultural equipment, public works and heavy goods vehicles). A merger process was immediately launched with IRIUM SOFTWARE, to take effect on the 1st of July 2021.

Quick reminder:

puce vert  VEGA SYSTEMS was founded in 1990 to answer to the needs of vehicles rental companies (short and long-term car rental) with a management tool for vehicles fleet. The editor quickly became a key player in this market and when it joined the ISAGRI Group, had more than 12,000 users and was managing more than a million vehicles and equipment.

puce vert  Since 1982, IRIUM SOFTWARE is an expert in business software (ERP) for distribution, rental, import and repair companies of equipment and vehicles (agricultural machinery, garden machinery, construction and excavation equipment, handling and lifting equipment, heavy vehicles, commercial vehicles, …).

The merger of these two companies – merging as IRIUM SOFTWARE – meets the ambitious objective of having on the market a new leader in ERP editor, by capitalizing on the mutualization of the skills and strengths of each company.
Today, the new IRIUM SOFTWARE entity is gaining expertise in rental and fleet management and is adding the car rental sector to its historical markets.

With 200 employees, a turnover of €21 million, almost 40 years of business expertise and more than 27,000 users, the company is looking to a sustainable future and is keeping its eyes fixed on the 2024 objective: to strengthen its position as leader in France and then to accelerate its international development in a serene manner.


Jean-Pierre JOCQUEVIEL, in charge of managing the ERP branch of the ISAGRI Group.

“We wanted this merger since the acquisition of VEGA SYSTEMS to include in IRIUM the DNA of a rental expert and to offer to VEGA customers the great expertise of IRIUM in terms of repair and distribution.

The other important thing for us was that the merged IRIUM SOFTWARE company had two solid bases in its market in order to better grow internationally.”

Immediate effect : an optimized product offer, focus on the customer satisfaction

A collective inventory, then an audit of the respective solutions of the 2 companies allowed to highlight the best from the solutions and to match the offer to better satisfy its customers. The results were seen in record time, with the launch and adaptation of products such as :

puce vert  iMob Service – a product designed by IRIUM for on field technicians, used by more than 1,000 technicians. The customer of former VEGA can now use this product.
puce vert  CICO (renamed iMob Check +) – best seller of VEGA and very performant for the management of check-in / check-out. IRIUM customers can now enjoy it.
puce vert  iMob Stock : 1st mobile application developed by the merged mobility team: make inventory management, orders and part receipts easier

The two companies have mutualized a rich ecosystem of data and technology partners enabling connections to the ERP systems, thus offering users multiple interaction possibilities.

Hotman Hozman

Our first focus was to bring our mobile application development teams together to provide our customers with enhanced offerings and unique solutions that are compatible with all of our products as quickly as possible.

These new possibilities are part of the facts that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. In fact, it was the employees themselves who wanted the values of our new entity to focus on satisfaction: customer satisfaction, the desire to progress, professionalism and the quality of relationships.

These proposals are the basis for the creation of a new "Service" department that will facilitate follow-up; around forty people will be part of it, at its director Frédéric Boisson instigation.”

Hotman Hozman, CEO of the merged company

Customer satisfaction as a key value for teams

Customer satisfaction, one of the priorities of this new company, is also based on the equanimity of employees, especially during a merger when two companies’ cultures must be harmonized to become one. That’s the reason why many actions have already been launched and the project CHRYSALIDE implemented.

From the start of the work and still today, the application deployment and support processes have been reviewed, harmonized and standardized between the companies in order to improve the availability and monitoring of the teams, by capitalizing on the best practices in each of the two entities.

Key moments of exchange between customers and the company already existed, via the User Clubs, which will be the object of particular care and increased frequency. However, as exchange and knowledge of customer expectations must be a permanent concern, customer satisfaction surveys will be multiplied to better measure the evolution of relational quality and the impact of changes in organization and methods.

A collaborative merger : the CHRYSALIDE project

From the beginning of the merger, the objective was to co-construct the new entity. All employees participated in this merger process, through workshops that allowed them to get involved and create a company that reflected their convictions.

This unifying project took place despite the COVID context and was therefore almost entirely remote. Supported by external coaches, the employees worked in groups on the essential subjects of the merger, such as: the development of the company's values, its vocation, its ambition, the choice of its new identity, the main lines of the processes and the organization of the services...

These workshops gave rise to 1 new authority and 2 new teams, which are already at work:

puce vert  The « COMAN » : Authority formed by the community of managers that will steer projects on essential subjects

puce vert  The Customer Services and Support Department: Guarantees respect for customer satisfaction and our commitments

puce vert  The design office: Within the marketing department, it is responsible for pre-sales to match the product offer to the market and to better meet customer needs.

Hotman Hozman is confident !

“This participative approach has enabled the new IRIUM SOFTWARE entity to start on a solid and unifying basis; moreover, this in-depth work, which has been underway for a year, has been carried out with the goodwill and support of the ISAGRI group. It should be noted that the exchange of experience with the other subsidiaries of the group has been a very important point, as they are also specialised ERP editors, which has enriched the reflections of the working groups. I am not going to reveal all the projects - many of them - that are in the files, but as significant synergies have already been created with the other subsidiaries, it is possible that new offers will emerge…”

The management committee

Since the 1st of July 2021, the new IRIUM SOFTWARE entity has been headed by Hotman HOZMAN, who is supported by a new management team:

  • Fréderic BOISSON: Customer service and support manager
  • Aurore CHAUSSONNIERE: Administrative and financial manager
  • Nicolas CROUZEVIALLE: Marketing and communication manager
  • Renaud GARNIER: R&D and technical manager
  • Mathieu LACOSTE: Sales manager
  • Frédéric TREUIL: Development manager

Key figures of IRIUM SOFTWARE:

  • Turnover: 21 millions of euros
  • 27 000 users
  • 50 countries
  • 900 customers
  • +5 000 agencies
  • Over a million vehicles and equipment managed
  • 200 employees

New company, new identityIRIUM-LOGO-2020-planète-IV_cercle

The blending of the graphic DNA of the two companies has given rise to a new graphic identity, symbolized by a logo that combines the V of VEGA SYSTEMS and the I of IRIUM SOFTWARE; these come together to form a "planet" intended to grow and evolve to adapt to the needs of customers. This logo, chosen by the collaborators of the company, is thus the visible result of the merger.

The ISAGRI Group

Created in Beauvais in 1983 by Jean-Marie Savalle, the current CEO, ISAGRI quickly revolutionized the French agricultural market by making computing accessible to as many people as possible. ISAGRI Group is the leader of digital services on the market in Europe, China, and Canada. Its brand, AGIRIS, and its management, accounting and paycheck software suite facilitates companies’ management.

The Group places innovation at the core of its developments.
Thanks to its 70 million euros turnover multi-activity ERP division, ISAGRI allows IRIUM SOFTWARE to sustain its customers’ investments, to speed up the technological evolution of its software and strengthen its auxiliary services by relying on the existing organisation and facilities in the Group.

This fusion allows ISAGRI to pursue its ambitions abroad, to offer IT solutions range to vehicles renters, distributors, and repairer on the 5 continents and to always have a better customer support about their growth.

Key figures of the Group :

  • Turnover : 241 millions of euros
  • 140 000 customers on all continents including 40,000 customers using cloud
  • 2 250 employees and 12 international branches
  • Top 10 of French software editor in 2020
  • 16th in the GREAT PLACE TO WORK 2020 grading
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Press officer

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