iMob Stock, the new mobile application for stock controller

iMob Stock, the new mobile application for stock controllerThe latest iMob app, iMob Stock, is available ! This new application, made by the merged teams of IRIUM SOFTWARE, will make life easier for stock controllers… but not only.


Become more efficient with an innovative solution!

iMob Stock is an application fully integrated into iEnterprise to perform all the main tasks in the store. Spare parts counting, on-the-fly consultation of parts information, supplier receipt: parts are easily managed with this new mobile application!

Like all the apps in the suite, iMob Stock is available even offline in order to let stock controller work at any time. Data are then refreshed as soon as the app is on online mode again. The application is used on mobile barcodes readers.

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A life-changing solution for everyone

iMob StockThanks to the application, the stock controller gains efficiency by debiting the parts directly on the WO thanks to the barcodes. However, the stock controller is not the only one to take advantage of the iMob Stock app. Stock managers, salespeople in the store ... anyone can use this new solution to be more productive.

With iMob Stock, stock managers can validate stock entries faster. Sellers at the store will now be able to debit parts directly on the delivery notes. iMob Stock also makes it easy and fast to carry out inventories. Thus, the inventory can be made more regularly. Your stock will therefore always be up-to-date and the quality of your replenishments will only be improved. Parts are better managed, and customer are even more satisfied !

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