Manage processes more efficiently with EDM


Which distributor does not dream of having documents always perfectly classified, less paper or even less customer complains? Document dematerialisation is the solution you've been waiting for! A real argument for efficiency with your customers, digitalization also has many other advantages for your daily administrative management.



What is dematerialisation?

Dematerialisation means that a document is processed electronically from start to finish, from its creation to its archiving. All documents can be digitalized: supplier/customer invoices, work orders, purchase orders, etc.

Digitalized documents have become a new standard in recent years. With a lot of practical advantages, digitalized documents are increasingly being used by companies and individuals. Among the many advantages of digitalization: the reduction of paper archives to save space, the reduction of customer complains through electronic signature, or the simplified search of your documents in archives.

Innovative solutions to maximize your productivity

From supplier invoice to sale: our tools cover your whole management process for greater administrative efficiency on a daily basis.

Electronic document management integrated with your ERP

Your ERP stores all your supplier documents in the EDM (Electronic Document Management) so you can find them in just a few clicks. Shortened invoice validation times, reduced processing costs, improved supplier relationships or even an up-to-date accounting ... alle these are benefits from IRIUM's EDM.

Digitalize 100% of your purchase/sale invoices and benefit from a better brand image towards your customers.

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Reducing customer complains through electronic signature

iMob SignThe electronic signature of the documents helps to prove who signed the document and when it was signed. Although there are several types of electronic signatures, with more or less strong legal values, they remain one of the most secure means of signing documents.

The mobile apps in the iMob suite are designed to be the tools of tomorrow. The whole iMob suite incorporates electronic documents (WO, check-in/ check-out, etc.). iMob Sign, one of the applications of the suite, is designed for electronic signature of customer documents (quotes, orders, work order, etc.). The app can be used at the counter of the store or at the workshop. iMob Sign allows, once the document is signed on tablet, to send it as a PDF into your ERP in order to be stored in the customer's information. This way, you don't waste any more time filing and searching for your customer documents! In addition, the electronic signature of your customers documents allows you to prove when they signed and thus reduce your customer complains.

With our digitalization tools, you can manage your business more efficiently, save time and focus on the operational!

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