Drive in dealership : Why is it a good idea ? How do you get started ?

csm_drive_pc-removebg-preview_a912b65b41Drive have revolutionized commercial exchange. Consumers are attracted by the ease and speed of the transaction. For retailers, it is a new service to offer. What is the situation regarding the deployment of drive in agriculture, particularly in dealerships? This white paper will shed light on the opportunity that opening a drive represents for an agricultural dealership and will give you the keys to successfully carrying out this project.

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Keeping your agricultural dealership in business

Consumers are attracted by the ease and speed of transaction of the drives. For distributors, this new service is an opportunity to increase sales, or even to maintain them. Those already equipped can ensure the continuity of their business in the context of the health crisis.

Stand out from the competition

A drive is a good way to stand out from the competition. The infrastructure is fairly simple to set up and involves the creation of an e-commerce website that will serve as a standard-bearer for the agricultural dealership. However, before launching your website, it is necessary to take the time to design the service properly, in particular to comply with legislation, and to make it visible through effective promotion.

So a drive in a dealership: why is it a good idea? How do you get started? To find out, download the free white paper on the subject of drive in agricultural dealerships.


  1. The drive: a social phenomenon
  2. The drive meets farmers' expectations
  3. In dealerships: many advantages and few risks
  4. The drive is not opposed to the physical shop
  5. How to open a drive?
  6. A need to communicate
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