WOLFF-WEYLAND (Luxembourg)

August 31, 2020
The group WOLFF-WEYLAND, agricultural machinery dealer, representative for the brands of the CNH group (Case IH, New Holland and Steyr) and member of Promodis, has chosen IRIUM as its IT system provider. Here is the testimony of Mr. René DIEDERICH, Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Laurent DIEDERICH, IT manager, about the iE software.


“Our group was established 125 years ago” says Mr. René DIEDERICH, Chief Executive Officer. “Our company is made up of 3 dealerships where the brands of the group CNH are represented: a New Holland dealership in Noerdange, a Case IH dealership in the North of the country and a Steyr dealership in Bastogne. We are also the first non-French group that became a member of the European group Promodis. Nowadays, our group employs 70 people and, last year, achieved a turnover of €31 million.

In 1998, when I joined my parents’ company, my father asked me to computerise the company. After assessing the different ERP providers in Europe, I chose IRIUM. As they say, history often repeats itself. My son has just joined the company and I have tasked him with the updating of our IT system.

In 2013 we moved on to the first stage by completely changing the hardware, and we thus chose the cloud system. Then, in 2014, we renewed the software choosing iE. In our dealerships, our employees speak either English or French; therefore we chose this bilingual software.

In my opinion, one of the important points with iE, is that it has very useful modules, such as the workshop scheduler that enables a good management of the workshop. We also have at our disposal several interfaces with our main manufacturers (Kardex, CNH, Kuhn, Promodis, Centradis, Amazone, Weidemann, etc…): they enable us to prevent data entry duplication, and increase our productivity.”


“The ERP iE plays an important role because all our working methods – repair orders, spare parts sales, inventory… – are based on the ERP” adds Laurent DIEDERICH, IT manager. “In a first stage, IRIUM copied our base on a test base and we did several tests on our production server. Then IRIUM organised the training sessions, in French and German. Finally, we proceeded to the software version update.

In our 3 dealerships, we use the interfaces Centradis - Promodis mainly for the orders of parts and materials, the CNH, Kuhn, Weidermann and Amazone interfaces for the spare parts, and in the near future the Terre-Net interface for the second-hand equipment. Thanks to those interfaces, there are no typing errors anymore, the quantities are correct, the parts are delivered within the agreed period, and the number of orders is right, with neither errors nor problems. In the near future, we plan to install the communication module which will enable us to send text messages to our clients when their tractor is available, when their spare parts have arrived”.


IRIUM thanks WOLFF-WEYLAND for its testimony and its confidence.

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