August 31, 2020

Over the years, IRIUM has established special partnerships with equipment manufacturers. Our success story and our development in the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR network is an example. Today, three quarters of French SDF dealers use our software, and IRIUM has recently experienced a strong growth in this sector with 8 new clients in the past few months.

“When we developed our activity with the opening of a second base in Saint-Flour (France) in 2014, we chose the IRIUM software, because the SDF manufacturer recommended it. In comparison to other business software, this one was simple to use and most of all it had interfaces with SDF and Kramp, which would enable us to save a lot of time. Today, we are completely satisfied.

Having a software system adapted to our business is essential for our every-day activities. Indeed, we can manage our equipment fleet and our client fleet. In one click, I can see what we have in our parts stock in all our bases”, explains Mrs. Bonnet, Financial Secretary of the SAER Group, SDF dealer whose head office is in Aumont Aubrac (France) and IRIUM client since January 2014.

“The IRIUM software enabled us to make a big step forward, given that the solution we had before was archaic. With IRIUM, our accounting is integrated in the software, which enables us to have access to all the information about our clients’ solvency, from the shop or the workshop. With the software, we can manage our equipment fleet, but also our clients’ equipment fleet. For example, in one click we can find all the equipment interventions, and we can manage the parts in each compartment. Thanks to IRIUM we can also create statistics, which is very useful and practical to analyze and manage our activity. Finally, the reactivity of the hotline team is a real advantage” says Mrs. Dury, Administrative and Financial Director of the DURY MOTOCULTURE Group SDF dealer in Avrilly (France) and IRIUM client since 2011.

The IRIUM Group is always working together with manufacturers and networks to develop new interfaces, so that manufacturers as well as dealers can be more productive. This contributes to the success of the IRIUM business software. “We have many interfaces, as many with SDF as with Kramp, thanks to the IRIUM software. Thanks to these interfaces we save a lot of time and we avoid many mistakes. The interface “direct order”, which enables us, when we enter a new order in the IRIUM software, to order automatically on the SDF website, without any re-entries, is very useful” explains Mrs. Bonnet.

“Moreover, the software is provided with very practical modules, like the SMS module, which enables us to send an SMS to our clients from the software to inform them for example that their tractor is ready. This is the kind of detail that is very useful because the module is quick and offers us a better client follow-up. We also have the inventory barcode module with the Scan Pal which allows us to count the parts we have in our stock by scanning them. The data is transferred to the software and the stock is updated. This tool is very useful for inventories and big orders”, she adds.

It is important for IRIUM to meet the specific needs of very small companies as well as bigger organizations of the network, like the ANSELIN Company, whose head office is in Grandcourt (France), and who has about 30 users and 5 bases. “Among the advantages of IRIUM, there is the history of the equipment fleet in the client file, which is practical for trade-ins because we do not have to create a new equipment file. Concerning the workshop management, all the procedure is integrated to the software, for example we can go from the Work Order in warranty to the validation of the credit note by the supplier. Finally, thanks to the software we save time in accounting because no re-entries are necessary. For example, we just need to enter the invoice in the shop and it is automatically integrated in our accounting”, explains Mrs. Anselin, Gineral Director of the Group.

The durability of business software also depends on its capacity to adapt to the future needs of the dealers? “What we really appreciate with IRIUM, is that the development team takes our remarks into account, and in every new version we can notice new innovations that integrate the improvements we asked for. Our software facilitates our every-day management, and it is adapted to our activity and to our company. Today, we could not do without it” says Mrs. Bonnet.

IRIUM thanks the SDF network for its confidence.

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