iMob Service: Customer Testimonial

August 31, 2020
Jean-Sébastien Bernard is after sales manager at BILLAUD SEGEBA, a French dealers’ company. He tells us more about his experience with iMob Service ...


What are the benefits of iMob Service?

« In my opinion, there are two major benefits: paper removal and automatic return to the iPRO ERP. The removal of paper allows us first to save a lot of paper of course, but also of toner, printer in general and time of classification since everything is stored in iPro.

Then, the removal of paper is also an ecological argument that we like to explain to our customers. We save time by synchronizing datas to the iPro ERP. It also means that we have fewer seizures and therefore fewer mistakes. 

As you understand, iMob Service really saved us time: thanks to the automatic text entry, which I would call "predicted text", we can use our voice to do actions like create reminders to send to our customers. We also saved time thanks to the software responsiveness that now allows us to process an OR in D +1»

Would you recommend iMob Service?

« Yes ! I have already recommended it several times to other companies who contacted me and to whom I was able to show the software. I recommend it from the beginning to the end: the planning workshop until iMob Service, the tool for the travelling technician...»

What has been the impact for your mobile technicians?

«iMob Service was very well received and accepted. Our teams of technicians have easily adapted to the software, which especially allowed them to save time and be more competitive!»

What would you suggest?

« The software is for me already very well done. You have to be careful to take high-performance mobile devices for the fastest possible use.»

What do you think of the iMob Service interface?

« It has good ergonomics, it is easy to use. For my company, it's a good return on investment! »


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