Aprolis chooses IRIUM to harmonize the management of its subsidiaries

Aprolis and its network of subsidiaries are one of the French leaders in the rental of handling equipment, in particular with the exclusive distribution of the Cat Lift Trucks and Crown brands. Aprolis' know-how is available in several offers including short and long term rental, sale and maintenance of equipment (forklifts, industrial cleaning, nacelles, rail-road vehicles, automatic trucks, mini-cranes, etc.).


Aprolis also takes care of repair and maintenance operations and associated services such as fleet optimization and outsourcing. Today, Aprolis offers a range of equipment and turnkey services among the widest on the market and manages a fleet of more than 30,000 materials of all brands, in France and abroad.

We have collected the testimony of Denis Marie, Aprolis Project Manager. A very “professional” profile and determining in its role of interface between the Users, the needs of the Aprolis Management and the iEnterprise IT solution, developed by IRIUM Software.

On a daily basis, Denis Marie analyzes the needs and changes to the settings according to April's requests for changes. He takes charge of the organization and the profession. We wanted to know more about his experience with IRIUM Software.

Why did you choose IRIUM SOFTWARE?

"I joined Aprolis a little over a year ago but I have known IRIUM Software solutions since 2004. I took part for 15 years in the implementation of evolutions and new modules, consistent with our business needs. The Aprolis subsidiaries have implemented various IRIUM Software solutions in a desire to harmonize. "

"We have implemented a first project: that of harmonizing all the bases following the takeover of the companies. Everyone on the same basis, this means having a common language, a real success factor, to improve knowledge management or facilitate change management.

The second project we worked on was the implementation of the preventive maintenance calendar management. The law requires machine owners to carry out regular technical checks called Periodic General Checks (VGP). Our problematic ? Currently all VGP dates are entered manually in Excel, which implies a high risk of error. With iEnterprise we will be able to automate the whole system."

You talk about automation, where did you get to?

"If we take the example of billing and postings at the end of the month, currently we have automated everything in two subsidiaries (via an end-of-day and end-of-month script). Ultimately, everything will be automatic in all of the subsidiaries. Saving time is important to get out of a situation quickly. "

You use "mobility" products developed by IRIUM SOFTWARE, how does this impact your daily life?

"We have been using iMob Service since 2017 and we have just launched our first subsidiary on iMob Contact. iMob Service has saved us a lot of time. As soon as the technician has finished his intervention, the generation of the intervention form is automatically integrated in the ERP. iMob Service ensures us a time saving in re-invoicing, savings in workstations, elimination of manual entries by the administrative staff ... Everything is automatically sent back, it is really a very appreciable productivity gain! »

Other projects with IRIUM SOFTWARE?

"We plan to integrate the "Borrowing/Leasing" financing management module and harmonize the use of mobility solutions. »

How satisfied are you with your use of iEnterprise and your relationship with IRIUM SOFTWARE?

"During the last 15 years that I have been able to work with the IRIUM Software teams, I have noticed good developments and modules that are increasingly adapted to business needs. The requests for evolution have been satisfied, the teams are listening to us.

IRIUM Software's strong point, apart from the functional product coverage, is, in my opinion, software development. Development requests are systematically integrated into IRIUM Software's standard version, so when there are version upgrades, everything is transparent, tested and we are not impacted! »