Choose your mobile solution for technicians on tablets and smartphones

[Translate to Anglais:] application mobile techniciens itinérantsYour teams on the road use mobile technology to meet their daily needs. The iMob suite will facilitate your digital transition by equipping your travelling staff with simple, intuitive applications, with tactile ergonomics. iMob fits in with IRIUM SOFTWARE ERPs and lets you choose the right terminal to match your needs.


1.      On the field: Simplify the work of your technicians on the field

iMob Service enables your technicians to receive their after-sales assignments on their tablets or smartphones. Once they have accepted the assignment, they are guided to the job site by the built-in GPS, then they can complete their repair orders on site directly on their mobile terminal (parts, comments, time elapsed, photos, report entry, client's digital signature, etc.). For more efficiency, the technician can access technical information regarding the equipment in question. The information entered by the technician is updated on the ERP in real time. Choosing iMob Service means giving your technicians a worthwhile tool that will allow them to save time.

2.      Develop your technicians' performance with:

Here are the essential features that your mobile application must be able to offer your technicians:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Customer GPS coordinates updated
  • Access to information about the equipment and customer contacts
  • Taking photos
  • Indication of the problem on the photos thanks to a drawing palette
  • Job report on site (time elapsed, parts, comments, etc.)
  • Client's digital signature

3.      At the company headquarters: better organised jobs

iMob Service helps you to organise your interventions from your workshop schedule, by sending the closest available technicians (geolocation) with the right skills.

You can monitor jobs in real time (the workshop schedule is automatically updated at the beginning and end of the assignment) and invoice the customer as soon as the job has been completed (job report automatically included in the repair order). Choosing iMob Service means improving your service efficiency.

4.      The mobile application for technicians must be connected to your ERP

Indeed, you will need to plan your interventions from your ERP to send them to the technician available closest to the place of the intervention. This must be done in a few clicks from your workshop schedule.

Then, when the technician agrees to take the intervention, your schedule must update. Similarly, when this one finishes the intervention, your schedule must be updated with the real time spent on the intervention.

Your workshop manager can thus perfectly control his teams.

In addition, the data must synchronize in real time with your ERP (receipt of the OR and the intervention report signed by the client, photos ...). In this way, you can bill your client at the end of the intervention.

Thus, you share information in real time, without having to re-enter it. This will save you valuable administrative time.

5.      The application must be able to work in disconnected mode

Running offline means that your application continues to work, and you can continue to insert information even without an internet connection.

Never opt for a solution in connected mode, because as soon as your technicians will intervene on a construction site or an agricultural area not covered by internet (3G, 4G), they will not be able anymore to use the application.

So choose an offline application, which allows you to continue working even without connection and will synchronize when the internet connection returns.

6.      The choice is yours...

iMob Service can be installed on all Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile terminals and co-exists with your other mobile applications (equipment manufacturers…).

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