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August 31, 2020


How to analyze and monitor the performance of your concession or rental activity?

The strategic monitoring indicator, to have a better visibility on its activities, is one of the main objectives of the concession managers. Dealers need to make pilot dashboards quick and simple.

ERP or management software can provide a lot of valuable information. However, it is not always easy to highlight the relevant details.

The production of dashboards or control panels is proving to be a tedious task. It takes a lot of time and requires specialized expertise from the ERP, such as the distributor or the renter. However, it is essential to implement an effective steering strategy. 

How to quickly implement an effective  strategy?

To save time, dealers need preformatted tables with precalculations, that they just have to customize. This is what IRIUM SOFTWARE offers with its reports catalog iReporting, the result of over 36 years of expertise!

This catalog will exploit raw data from the ERP iEnterprise and also from the KPI module, to offer the distributor, relevant control tables corresponding to its activity.

Thus the dealer only has to customize tables according to the needs and the way of working, then click the button "refresh", so that the state is updated.

Up to 90% of the work of the dealer is already done!

KPI, iReporting, Tabeaux de bord

A catalog of indicator dashboards to quickly implement an effective strategy!

Beyond the Intermediate Management Balance, already provided by IRIUM SOFTWARE for a long time to its customers, it will now be possible to follow: the old balance customers and suppliers, the business, the result of the after-sales service, the store, the workshop, the evolution of margins, purchases, stock, guarantees refunds, the turnover rate of rented equipment, the rental turnover, the ROI ... but also to exploit the CRM data.

Moreover, tables dedicated to the executives, provide them with a summary of the activity of companies by service, so they can make the right strategic decisions.

The benefits of iReporting:

KPI, iReporting, Performance, analyses, rapport

iReporting is a powerful tool that combines the simplicity and computational power of Excel with the performance of ERP iEnterprise.

A catalog of standard reports answering your business problems for:

  • Save time
  • Improve visibility
  • Focus on the operational

Ask for a iReporting DEMO!

Key Performance Indicators, what for?

The KPI module provides complex indicators to distributors and renters. Business KPIs are precalculated by branch, company and service. Therefore it is possible to modify them and adapt them to the specificity of each company. IRIUM SOFTWARE has developed more than 80 so far.

Ask for a KPI module DEMO!

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