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e-invoices and the EDM with IRIUM Software

The EDM, Electronic Document Management

EDM is a process that, through a software, manages the flow of documents that enter, leave, or move within a company. This collaborative process supports complete document management from scanning to archiving.

The Irium EDM system goes through three streams:

  • A query flow to view previously integrated documents in the iEnterprise ERP.
  • An outgoing flow, such as customer invoices.
  • And an incoming flow. Invoices, supplier assets enter into the EDM through a scanning software - OCR.
What benefits ?
  • All documents are available immediately,
  • Savings through dematerialization processes,
  • Automatic archiving,
  • Easy access to the information,
  • Access to documents is possible through an email flow or manually from Windows Explorer or ERP,
  • Information is centralized and secure, protected from external attacks and natural damage.

Electronic invoicing and EDM with Irium Software:

The billing module allows you to send individual or bulk electronic invoices, but also to automatically store them in the correct ERP directory through the EDM process. You can quickly and easily find all your invoices. This proof of authenticity is an important advantage, especially during a tax audit.




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