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[Covid 19] - Avoid billing delays, send your invoices by email!

In this period of confinement, where many administrators are teleworking and where the delivery of mail is slowed down, there are solutions to guarantee the proper reception of your invoices.

IRIUM Software supports you in setting up its system for sending invoices by email!

[Translate to Anglais:] envoi de factures par email - avantages de la dématérialisation des factures

Discover our solution to dematerialize your customer invoices!

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The module for sending dematerialized invoices is integrated into the IRIUM management software. There is therefore no need to subcontract the sending of invoices to another service provider.

This module will allow you to send individual or bulk electronic invoices, but also to automatically store them in the right directory. This is called EDM (Electronic Document Management). Thanks to IRIUM SOFTWARE's EDM you will quickly and easily find all your invoices. You can prove its authenticity, an important advantage especially during a tax audit.

With our invoice dematerialization module you gain efficiency and security on a daily basis.

 Send individual or bulk invoices in one click

 Automatic storage of invoices in the right directory

 Guarantee of proper delivery of documents

 Administrative time savings: processing time reduced by 30%

 Reduced cost of sending invoices

Adopting electronic invoicing is the insurance for you to invoice faster.


With the invoice sending module you can save an average of € 1.81 * per invoice. In addition, in order to meet legal standards, the authorities already ask you to send your invoices by email in pdf format. So it's time to move on to electronic invoicing!

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