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irium software european leader for ERP

European leader in Software (ERP/DMS) for Equipment Dealers and for Equipment Repair, Import & Rental Companies

The IT partner for agricultural machinery, public works machinery, construction equipment, handling & forklift machines, trucks & commercial vehicles, parts & industrial equipments

Who are we?

Established in 1982 in La Rochelle (France), IRIUM has become the first European Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP/Dealer Management System/DMS) software publisher for equipment distributors, dealers, renters and importers, on several specialised markets such as: agricultural machinery, public works machinery, construction equipment, handling & forklift machines, trucks & commercial vehicles, parts & industrial equipment. Our ERP software includes all the features required for the management of your business.

With 130 employees and achieving a turnover of €12,5 million (with 35% internationally achieved), IRIUM is established in France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Australia and has a collaborator in the USA. Nowadays, IRIUM is the partner of 15,000 users and 700 clients, and it is settled in more than 50 countries. IRIUM has accumulated 37 years of expertise and it offers a full range of solutions which can meet the specific requirements of small, medium or international companies.




IRIUM SOFTWARE has customers in more than 50 countries.

irium software présent dans le monde
innovation expertise excellence

Our Values: iE²

Innovation: IRIUM is a pioneer in the transformation of your management process.

Excellence: The performance of your organisation.

ExpertiseThe reference IT solution of your business sector.



Our Ambition

IRIUM offers you a turnkey approach from the establishment and the configuration of your IT solution to the training of the users. Our ambition, through our offer of solutions & services, is to respond to your requirements in order to:


  • Save time: Manage in an integrated way your operations (of the store, of the workshop, of your sales representatives, integrated directly with the accounts department).
  • Analyse your client portfolio: Improve the knowledge of your clients thanks to an automatic centralisation of the related data, an eased multiple-criteria analysis and a refined management of your contacts.
  • Drive your value chain: Keep close tabs on the margins of your business activities and all the indicators of your choice in real time.



Our Strategy

Founded in La Rochelle (France), IRIUM group has successfully and internationally expanded during the nineties by establishing relationships, based on mutual trust, with some of the major equipment manufacturers.

In 1997, the founder created a joint-venture in the USA to provide the best « made in America » software to its clients.

The years 2005 to 2007 represent the acceleration of this development on the specialised distribution markets in France and abroad, with the change of names of the company, REGIE to IRIUM, and with the progressive disengagement of the founder, thanks to the support of financial partners.

Between 2007 and 2015, IRIUM became financially strong with a clear and recognised product strategy.  

In 2016, IRIUM continues its international expansion signing a partnership with the Italian company AUTENTYS to deploy its software for agricultural and groundcare dealers in  Italy. 

In 2017, IRIUM joins ISAGRI Group to accelerate its growth.

IRIUM has more than 700 clients of all sizes, in all brands, over 50 countries in the three major geographical areas (Europe, Southeast Asia and America).


N°1 European ERP for Equipment Distribution, Rental and Repair Companies

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