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Our Partners

Our Product Partners

Animated by the technological innovation and the essential interoperability of our solutions with other business tools, we have established alliances with specialised partners such as Chronolink, Farmpartner-tec, IBM, MB Diffusion, Microsoft, Sage, Syncron... in order to enhance our ERP offer with specific functions dedicated to particular fields (second-hand machines, accounting, stock list management…), and technological partners such as IBM and Microsoft.


Bryntum is a partner for IRIUM's ERP systems.



Partner since the 1990’s, IRIUM integrates some of the technological solutions designed by IBM, such as the data base management system Informix Dynamic Server and the development platform Informix Genero.




Since the 2000’s, IRIUM offers a link to publish, directly from our customers’ ERP, some adverts on the new or second-hand agricultural equipment website, Agriaffaires, and on the new or second-hand construction equipment website, MachineryZone.

www.mb-diffusion.com   www.agriaffaires.com    www.machineryzone.fr



Since 2013 IRIUM has been completing its inventory optimisation system integrating the stock list management rules created by Syncron for many equipment brands.



Since the 2000’s, IRIUM offers a link to publish, directly from our customers’ ERP, some adverts on the second-hand agricultural equipment website, agriOnline.                                                                                          



Our Business Partners

Beyond the products and technologies, our partnership policy also includes several fields. In particular, we have been maintaining strong relationships for many years with some business associations and federations in order to remain attentive to our clients’ expectations.



The DLR brings together more than 500 players of the equipment distribution, renting and service sectors dedicated to the construction & industry fields. IRIUM is a DLR member since October 2003.



IRIUM has joined the Landbautechnik, German federation for the Agricultural Machinery Distribution and Service and for the Construction, in June 2012. This federation gathers about 5,000 companies, agricultural machinery distribution businesses, construction machines / equipment providers and garden machinery distribution companies.



Over the past years, IRIUM has been maintaining privileged relationships with the National Syndicate of the Agricultural Machinery Service & Distribution companies.




IRIUM is a partner of SESAMlld. The SESAMllD represents commercial companies involved in long-term vehicle rental in France. www.sesamlld.com/



Our Institutional Partners

Beyond our products and technologies, our partnership policy with the local, regional or national institutions represents a privileged approach in our business commitment in many fields.



Bpifrance assists companies to see greater, further and bring out the champions of tomorrow. Bpifrance operates in partnership with the private stakeholders in financing and investment. It is a tool for economic competitiveness, and acts as a support for public policies conducted by the State and Regions. www.bpifrance.fr



Tech'In – created in October 2005 – represents more than 300 companies, startup companies, small and medium-sized businesses, big firms… that invent the future digital uses. IRIUM joined Tech'In in December 2011 in order to share its belief that software plays a key part in the small, medium and intermediary enterprises growth, and to actively take part in the capitalisation of software vendors’ good practices management. www.techinfrance.fr/


Launched in May 2015 by the digital sector entrepreneurs. Digital Bay is an ecosystem of the digital actors in La Rochelle : companies using digital solutions, research and training organizations, funding structures. Its mission is to promote the development of the digital sector and the emergence of innovative projects. IRIUM is a founding member because innovation is a pillar of its strategy with our R&D centers in La Rochelle and Bordeaux. IRIUM also joined Digital Aquitaine to collaborate with the big players in the Aquitaine region. www.frenchdigitalbay.com


Thanks to the financial support of the region, IRIUM participates in numerous events.


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