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Newsletter n°18 April 2020

Editorial - Thanks to you dealers!

The crisis we are going through is turning us upside down, as much on a personal level as it is deeply affecting the economy.

First of all we would like to salute the work of all the heroes who are pillars in this crisis.

We are obviously thinking of farmers and agricultural dealers, who allow them to continue their activity by keeping their machines in working order. We are also thinking of transporters and truck concessions, which continue to provide the necessary support for the continuity of supply services for the population. And finally we salute the public works sector, whose activity continues despite exposure to risks. Congratulations also to the manufacturers who continue to produce and deliver despite the current situation.

In this difficult context, IRIUM Software ensures the continuity of its service, so that these discreet but very real heroes can continue to work as best as possible. We have done everything to protect our employees and we are organized to work remotely. For your questions on the use of our software, you can as usual go to online support. For any other question we remain available via our website.

The ISAGRI Group has launched a solidarity action with fundraising from the employees of all its subsidiaries, which has been supplemented by the Group to increase the sum. This donation will go to medical services and farmers. To our extent we would like to help out in this crisis.

In this special COVID-19 newsletter, we wanted to inform you of the possibilities that our software offers you to adapt to this situation. Create physical distance with your customers to protect your employees, secure your invoicing, your cash and the solvency of your customers, protect you from cyberattacks, as many hot topics as we discuss here.

Take care of yourself and your family.

The IRIUM Software team.

IRIUM stays by your side - Solutions to adapt to the crisis

[Translate to Anglais:] Dématérialisation des factures concesiionnaires

Avoid billing delays, send your invoices by email!


In this period of confinement, where many administrators are teleworking and where the delivery of mail is slowed down, there are solutions to guarantee the proper reception of your invoices.

IRIUM Software supports you in setting up its system for sending invoices by email!

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Solutions to ensure the continuity of your customer service during the crisis.


In this period of confinement, your customers need you to fulfill their mission. At the same time, you must protect your employees and your customers, by creating physical distance. Solutions exist to allow you to guarantee the continuity of your after-sales service in complete safety.

Discover our e-commerce, Drive and SMS solutions! 

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Did you know?

How to tighten the credit check of your customers?


In this period of uncertainty when your customers may find themselves in difficulty, it is possible to adapt your credit check to be more vigilant.


 How to do with iE ?

With iE, in addition to using dashboards with iReporting and KPIs, you can control the creditworthiness of customers by using the ceilings with the control of outstanding amounts. So you can define whether the overflow is blocking or not.


Then you can use the season control which is used to manage a high season and low season cap. This setting would allow you to manage a lower ceiling during this difficult period and thus block or not a coin flow or the opening of OR, depending on the reaching of the ceiling.


And of course, the setting up of the sending by email of automatic reminders / statements of invoices, coupled with the management of telephone reminders, will allow you to be more efficient in collections to secure your cash flow.



New interfaces available

Below are the latest interfaces available:




Bepco EDI interface: Repair Order, Delivery Form and invoices

EDI Kramp interface: receipt of Delivery Form and invoices 

Integration interface for CLAAS guarantees "SOL2" 

PIM interface (part inventory management) to optimize your CLAAS supply 


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Stay in touch with your customers, even from a distance!


Even if you have to create a physical distance from your customers, it is still essential to keep them informed and to keep in touch, so that they can continue to work as efficiently as possible.

For this there is the communication module which allows you to send individual and bulk SMS and emails from your ERP.


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