Run successful marketing campaigns from iEnterprise

August 31, 2020

Carry out effective direct marketing campaigns with your sales team! This module allows you to create a marketing campaign in iEnterprise and to transfer the tasks to the sales people in iMob Contact.



The marketing campaigns module allows you to create a campaign in iEnterprise and to transmit the tasks to the sales people in iMob Contact.


How does it work?


 The sales manager creates marketing campaigns in iEnterprise, defining the key elements of the campaign: the targeting of customer accounts, the implementation period, the managers involved, the objectives...

 The creation of a campaign automatically generates "transfer" actions in iMob Contact, on the customer accounts or prospects targeted by the campaign.

 The sales representative sees the tasks assigned to him in iMob Contact and quickly transforms them into action (call, visit,...), with a single click.

 Commercial actions can be transformed into sales opportunities.

 Avec iReporting, With iReporting, you can easily measure the number of successful opportunities or customer actions that were generated by a marketing campaign.


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What are the advantages?


 Efficient targeting thanks to the information contained in your ERP.

 View all campaigns in the same place.

 Monitor the progress of the actions carried out by the salespeople.

 Each salesperson can manage the transferred marketing actions individually in iMob Contact

 Analyze your ROI with iReporting.



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