iMob Contact V4: Mobile CRM still evolving

August 31, 2020

Your teams on the road use mobile technology to meet their daily needs. The iMob suite will facilitate your digital transition by equipping your mobile staff with simple and intuitive applications, with tactile ergonomics. iMob fits in with the IRIUM SOFTWARE ERPs and lets you choose the right terminal to match your needs. So, what are the novelties ?


iMob Contact new Version 4

iMob Contact is a mobile CRM simple to use and especially designed to be used by your sales representatives on a smartphone and/or tablet. They will have access to the right and necessary information, and will be able to update their client/prospect information rapidly and efficiently (interlocutors, fleet and other marketing criteria) even without an internet connection.

All the collaborators in contact with the customers enter information in the IRIUM SOFTWARE CRM. With iMob Contact, dealers have access to the important information in the IRIUM SOFTWARE CRM, entered by the different collaborators (workshop, store, accounting...). Therefore, dealers and sales managers have a 360° view of their clients.

Manage your campaigns with the Marketing Module

With iMob Contact visualize your stocks to sale (new, used, second hand), also without internet connection. The sales manager can follow the activity of his salesmen and the current businesses on the CRM module.

Overall, the iMob Contact V4 offers a customer overview and helps the dealer to improve their brand image and sales.

Among the major developments of the past year: the ordering process was facilitated by MS-EXCEL models to generates quotes and business analysis more easily.

The iMob Contact V4 adds new features:

It allows managing tasks sent by the Marketing module. It is also possible to manage expertise actions for the recovery of second-hand equipment. The information is directly transmitted from the tablet to iEnterprise where the manager will be able to store or value this expertise action.

This new version is delivered with indicators allowing the salesman on his phone, or his tablet and his computer to follow his performance.

Thanks to the complete and efficient follow-up of the customers and prospects, iMob Contact offers the possibility to target the customers needs and expectations. iMob Contact allows to respond as quickly as possible to the needs and to master all the important elements to act on. It is a real help to better manage sales forces.



Marketing Module: exploit the data of your CRM


Thanks to the Marketing module, it will be easier to build targeted emailing. Salesmen tasks are automatically generated. When a salesman receives his task in iMob Contact, he can turn them into commercial actions (visits to make, phone calls to pass ...). Improve your ROI and your campaign follow-ups with the correct number of opportunities.


Expertise Management Module 

These expertises will consist of giving the possibility to a salesman to modify the characteristics of an IT fleet, to seize the prices of expertises, to make a summary signed by the customer.

Expertises can be memorized in PDF whenever necessary (first expertise, modified expertise at the time of recovery, in-depth expertise by the workshop, etc.). Do not waste time and sign your expertise at the right price on a tablet / smartphone.

+ Commercial use field: Enter your expertise on the customer fleet and take photos.



I want iMob Contact V4!


A reminder of the features already present on the V3 ...

  • The sales teams can enter their activities and opportunities on a tablet and/or smartphone
  • Update client information and fleets on the road, even in offline mode
  • better follow-up of the contracts in progress
  • Geolocation of the clients and prospects on a map / Built-in GPS
  • Unlimited access to photos and documents of equipment and vehicles, to sell more easily,...






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