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Choose the KPI module + iReporting pack

How to put in place an efficient running strategy ?

Discover the KPI & iReporting bundle available for iEnterprise users.


To save time, it would be ideal to have pre-formatted tables with calculations already made, which the dealer only has to customize.

This is what IRIUM Software offers you with its iReporting catalog of reports, the fruit of our expertise of more than 36 years! This catalog will use raw data from the iEnterprise ERP and also from the KPI module, to offer the distributor or rental company relevant control tables corresponding to its activity. Dashboards dedicated to the dealer, distributor and rental company!

Everything is easier with iReporting !

KPI, iReporting and dashboards

With the iReporting report catalog, the dealer, distributor or renter just has to customize his tables according to his needs and way of working, then press the "refresh" button, and the report will be updated. 90% of the dealer or renter's work is already done! A large catalog of reports available, to make the right decisions!

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Beyond the Intermediate Management Balance (IMB), already provided by IRIUM Software to its customers for a long time, it will now be possible to follow: your aged customer and supplier balance, your business, the result of your after-sales service, your store, your workshop, the evolution of your margins, your purchases, your stock, your warranty reimbursements, the turnover rate of your rented equipment, your rental turnover, your ROI... But also, to exploit the data from your CRM. Finally, tables dedicated to managers provide them with a summary of the activity of the companies by department, so that they can make the right strategic decisions.


iReporting is a powerful tool that combines the simplicity and computational power of Excel with the performance of iEnterprise. A catalog of standards reports that meet your business needs in order to :
  • Save time
  • Improve your display
  • Focus on the operational

iReporting and the KPI module

IRIUM Software has developed more than 60 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) dedicated to your business. They will allow you to monitor your company's performance and to be warned if an indicator reaches an abnormal level.

Some functionalities...

  • More than 60 standars business KPIs
  • Customized KPI according to your needs 
  • Set the frequency of calculation of your KPIs
  • Receive an alert when a KPI reaches an abnormal level thanks to the alert management module
  • Production and distribution of dashboards and graphs thanks to the iReporting module


With iReporting, KPIs will be highlighted in control panels. Thus, you will be able to focus your organizational efforts on the most important points and act upstream, to guarantee the good development of your company.

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