New version of our iMob contact V3 CRM

August 31, 2020

The 3.0 release of our mobile CRM, designed for dealers, rental and repair companies is now available! This new version of iMob Contact includes a large amount of new features allowing your sale team to be more efficient and proactive.

Thanks to our ongoing survey and tight partnerships, we have implemented over thirty improvements to response to dealers and retail companies’ needs.



 You will beneficiate of the followings: 

CRM calendrier concessionnaire loueur

  • Agenda and contacts synchronisation between mobile CRM and computers, to access all your data anywhere,
  • Work Order history full access on your mobile device for a clear visualisation of all past maintenances made on one vehicle/material,
  • A more precise geolocalisation capability to maximize your on-site prospection,
  • Quoting and business deal analysis on the go for more proactivity and improve your deal closing,
  • Access of all materials/vehicles related photos and documents, to bring a better visibility to your offer,
  • Significant improvements in your sale processes through a better data integration, faster communication and more efficient CRM


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CRM stock materiel vehicule concessionnaire loueur

But there are just a few improvements among all others we would like you to discover. Please, contact us to schedule a demo!

iMob Contact is a mobile apps available in addition to our ERP iEnterprise. 










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