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New IMPORT FILE module for i80

Better and faster manage your import files

With the new version of i80 you can benefit from a new module intended to solve the problems of follow-up of costs of companies subjected to OFF SHORE constraints. Indeed, thanks to the new technologies, invoices can now travel quickly between the importer and its parts and/or equipment supplier, but the goods rarely arrive quickly and neither do the administrative documents (customs services…). So, it is a very long time after receiving the goods that the importer manages to have all of the final costs of his order or his dossier. How is it possible to have a correct and justified follow-up of all these costs, which are quite significant for this type of business, with regard to the cost price of the goods? How is it possible to take into account these stocks which have a long way to go before arriving in the importer's stock?

This is what the OFFSHORE module of i80 is all about! Thanks to an experience of more than 10 years with customers in construction and agricultural equipment and truck sectors, the i80 experts built a module gathering a set of functionalities allowing the follow-up of all the costs bound to the OFF-SHORE purchase or dossier, to integrate them into the cost of sales in accounting, into the value of the stock and into the calculation of margin. This new module allows to show at any time the quantities still in transit, and to facilitate the check of the loads and the update of the stocks.

It is interesting to add that i80 also allows to follow the costs according to INCOTERMs, and to manage them including the sales!

This set of features gives an opportunity to i80 to be a tool more than effective for international customers who are more & more looking for vertical ERP dedicated to the market of equipment distribution and rental.

03 March 2016

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