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IRIUM just won a label of quality!

IRIUM just won the precious ENR label (which stands for Responsible Digital Enterprise). This label, launched in 2011 by France IT, the national network of digital clusters, highlights the good practises of the IT sector companies. Those companies are judged according to 3 criteria: ethics, commercial approach and quality of the services provided.

What is a responsible digital enterprise?

A Responsible Digital Enterprise is a company that integrates ethical, environmental and social concerns into its commercial activities and in its relationships with all its internal or external stakeholders.

According to Armand LULKA, France IT chairman, “The companies that won the ENR label offer to their clients a real quality warranty. Some charters, on a declaratory principle, do exist, but the ENR label goes beyond and obliges the company to think about its process and its customer relationship”.

IRIUM got the label!

“The IT sector is a lever for a sustainable development”

Pierrick GUIVARC’H, CEO of IRIUM Group, says: “Because we know that the IT sector is a lever for a sustainable development, we immediately agreed with the principles of this label. IRIUM is a company that has been engaging for 30 years in a process of improvement, integrity and guarantee of the quality of our services. We endeavour to integrate ethical, social and environmental parameters in our organisation, in our relationships with our employees, in our commercial process or in the completion of our projects. Therefore, this label is a good way to take into consideration the efforts we have made.”

Concretely, what about the results of this engagement? Pierrick GUIVARC’H demonstrates the measures taken by IRIUM: “IRIUM complies with sustainable development principles based upon 5 pillars (employees, community, environment, clients/providers, and shareholders). Let’s take an example of an evolution step in the management system of our clients: IRIUM has set up an unrivalled approach that enables us to work hand in hand with our clients and the equipment manufacturers. Thus, every year IRIUM hosts and organises many Users Clubs, gathering together our clients according to the networks they belong to (CAT, CLAAS, CNH, DAF, JOHN DEERE, MANITOU) in order to talk about the development of our products in accordance with their requirements. Consequently, we can constantly improve the quality of our products & services while respecting the expectations of our clients.

The ENR label, an independent and expert process

The assessment of the companies is performed by an independent audit structure: the CIRIDD (International Centre of Resources and Innovation for a Sustainable Development). It is based on 2 axes: the study of the application file and a customer satisfaction survey.

This label is given for 2 years, and then it must be certified by a renewal audit. The companies are assessed on a grading of 200 points. 100 points are allocated to the application file assessment, and 100 points are allocated to the customer satisfaction survey. To win the label, you need to get 120 points at least.

That’s the CATLAB (Committee of Awarding) which delivers the precious label. The committee gathers together some leading figures of the IT sector, totally independent from France IT governance: the FING (Foundation Internet New Generation), CINOV IT (ex CICF IT and ex 3SCI, syndicate of the IT & engineering counsel professionals), the Mines Telecom Institute, the ANDSI (National Association of the DSI), the AFDEL (French Association of the Software Vendors).


More information on www.france-it.fr



20 January 2014

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